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Will the Next President Be Brought to You by Rupert Murdoch? WARNING: Huckabee, Newt Gingrich Both Attended Council on Foreign Relations 07.06.10
Immigration & Customs Agency Only has Resources to Remove 4% of Illegal Aliens Per Year 07.06.10
Brutal Leftist Attackers: Free to Attack Again 07.06.10
Obama Administration has No Motivation Whatsoever to Cap Leak or Clean Up Spill 07.06.10
Meet Rosalio Munoz - Mexican American Communist: 1, 2 07.06.10
Obamaville! Tent City in Hawaii 07.05.10
Scientists Say Obama’s BP Spill Efforts “Surprisingly Uncoordinated” 07.05.10
Institutionalized Gangster Gov't 07.04.10
- For the Gals: National Anthem - The Cactus Cuties!
- For the Guys: Star Spangled Banner - Ted Gonzo Nugent!
3,600 Miles for Freedom - Plant That Flag, Proud Patriots!!
To The Best Country in the World - Letter From Former Socialist Country Citizen
Commie-Run, Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills. See Six of Its Communist Congress Members here 07.03.10
Obama Goons: Strong-Arm Louisianna Parish President 07.04.10
Sherrif Arpaio Slams RINO John McCain 07.03.10
Look What They Found On Mexican Border 07.03.10
Progressive Philly Mayor's Working to Block Giving Data on Illegals to ICE 07.03.10
Stalin Bust Mars D-Day Memorial 06.30.10
Mexican Drug Cartel has Infiltrated US Consulate 07.03.10
Congressman John Yamouth (D-KY) Looting Taxpayers 07.03.10
Taxpayer Money Goes to Union Activities 07.02.10
Union Bosses Deny 11,000 Employees a Vote on Labor Contract 07.02.10
NASA = No Americans in Space Anymore 07.03.10
Blago: Obama is a Motherf**ker 07.02.10
Congressman Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) Says No to Town Halls that have "Nuts" with Cameras 07.03.10
Congressional Report: Obama Regime Misled Public About Oil Spill 07.02.10
Commies Oppose Palin 07.02.10
CBS: Cry for a Dozen Illegals 07.02.10
Schwarzenegger Orders Minimum Wage for 200,000 State Workers 07.02.10
BUSTED! Another Communist Democratic Senate Candidate --> Richard Blumenthal 07.01.10
NM Gov. and Member of La Raza Communist Organization, Bill Richardson Gives Licenses, College Scholarships To Illegals 07.01.10
Unbelieveable! Mexico to Join Obama's AZ Lawsuit 07.01.10
OBAMA: Social Security for Illegals 07.01.10
Beck: The BP/Obama Conspiracy - Russian Spies - TARP - Finance Bill - Progressive Kagan - Joe Dickerson 07.01.10
OBAMA FAILURE: Says Immigration Unenforceable 07.01.10
RINO LINDSEY GRAHAM: Says Tea Party Movement Will ‘Die Out’. VOTE HIM OUT! 07.01.10
RINO ORRIN HATCH: Says Kagan Filibuster Would Be “An Unheard Of, Dirty Thing To Do”. VOTE HIM OUT! 07.01.10
Seven Shots Fired from Mexico Hit Texas City Hall 06.30.10
In Obama's Bizarro World will the Next Czar Be Obama? 06.30.10
- Obama Blocks Republican Gulf Visits
- Gov't Evacuation Plans
Troops 'Invade' Louisiana: 1st Evacuation Step?
Clean-Up Just for Show
- Obama Wants Oil Spill to be Worse
Jindal Blasts Obama's Lack of Gulf Spill Response
Beck: Obama De-Developing America - Obama vs British; Bill Ayers Protest; Racist KKK Past of Senator Byrd; Progressive History; More 06.29.10

Obama Stands Alone at G20 and to the Left of Socialist Countries
KKK Senator: No Election to Replace 06.28.10
KKK Senator May Lay in State in Capitol 06.28.10
Crooked Chicago Mayor Daley: Will Fight Supreme Court Decision 06.28.10
Dead Dem May Kill Finance Reform Bill. Shameful RINOs Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Charles Grassley Aiding Socialist Dems. 06.28.10
Supreme Court: Chicago Gun Ban Unconstitutional. Vote was 5-4, Which Means Four Supreme Court Judges are Anti-Constitutionalists. 06.28.10
Russian Scientist: Gulf Sea Floor Fractured Beyond Repair 06.28.10
BACHMANN For Prez 06.28.10
O'REILLY: Describes Impeachment 06.27.10
KKK-Klansman Dem Senator Dies 06.27.10
Lying Communist Obama Calling "Bluff" of Those Complaining about "Deficits And Debt". 06.27.10
New Mexico Gov, Bill Richardson is a Member of Racist, Communist La Raza Organization. Richardson was Endorsed by La Raza for US President. Naturally, Communist Richardson Now Says Obama Needs to Challenge Arizona Immigration Law. 06.27.10
Communist Obama Again Slips Press for Another Secret Meeting. He's Done This At Least Three Times. 06.26.10
OIL SPILL DAY 68 and No Oil Skimmers in Mississippi. So Oil Washes Onto Mississippi Coast 06.27.10
Advancing Movement to Eliminate Electoral College 06.26.10
CA City Taken Over by Illegal Immigrants Collapses into Bankruptcy and Lawlessness 06.26.10
Gaza Flotilla Flying Nazi Flag 06.26.10
White House Preparing National Online ID Plan 06.26.10
OUR GOV'T IS FULLY INFILTRATED WITH HISPANIC COMMUNISTS! What You Need to Know about the Communist and Mexican Supremacist Organization, LA RAZA (Translation: "The Race"). Here are some of La Raza's Communist Members: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Rep. Joe Baca, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, Rep. Linda Sanchez (Loretta's sister), Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Rep. Raúl Grijalva, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer. Let's Expose These Traitors Now! 06.25.10
OBAMA'S TOP I.C.E. MAN is a Member of Communist La Raza Organization 06.25.10
Communist and Mexican Supremacist Organization, LA RAZA Received $15.2 Million in US Federal Grants and $4 Million in Earmarks. Here's More Very Disturbing News on Obama and La Raza. Demand the Media and Your Congressmen Expose This Now! 06.18.10
STATE OF EMERGENCY: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INVASION IS OUT OF CONTROL!! 12 Million Illegals, 1 Million with Criminal Records. 01.17.10
AZ Gov Documents Obama's Border Surrender 06.25.10
Michele Bachmann Video: "Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger” -> Watch The Preview 06.25.10
Blago Attorneys Going After Obama FBI Notes 06.25.10
Communist Union Economist Calls Neil Cavuto an A-Hole on TV 06.25.10
Obama Selects Shariah Finance Specialist and Vocal Critic of Immigration Enforcement for Key Role at ICE 06.24.10
Leftist Death Threats for Judge Who Ruled Obama Moratorium Illegal. Judge Refuses to Delay Ruling's Effect 06.24.10
Crist Praises Obama's Oil Spill Response Just Prior to Florida Beach Shutdown 06.24.10
POTENTIAL VIOLENT, PLANET-SCALE ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE WITH US GULF AS GROUND ZERO and Yet Commie Obama Not Providing a Detailed Plan, Status and Risks to Public. BP Drilling Depth and Plan was Ordered, Reviewed and Approved by Obama Administration. 06.24.10
Obama/Democrats Have Declared War on States 06.23.10
Polls Show Confidence Falling in Obama and US Outlook 06.23.10
Obama Welcomes Transexuals to White House 06.23.10
Gen. McChrystal - Burning Contempt for Puppet Obama. Obama's Dysfunctional War Team: A "Team of 9-Year-Olds” 06.23.10
Obama's (Chinese) Secretary of Energy Said BP is Going to Help Save the World 06.22.10
McRINO: Who Me? I Never Supported Amnesty - John McCain 06.22.10
Ethics Complaint Filed Against Rep. Bob Etheridge for Alleged Assault 06.21.10
Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny? 06.21.10
YOU'LL LOVE THIS!: Democrat Calls for Obama's Impeachment and Shows Image of Obama with Hitler Moustache. More 1, 2 06.21.10
Obama Holding Border Security Hostage for Pure Politics 06.20.10
Communists, Islamists Block Israeli Ship in Oakland 06.20.10
WHAT'S OBAMA HIDING? 16 Burning Questions About the Gulf Oil Spill 06.20.10
Obama's Oil Spill Panel: Radicals, Not Experts 06.20.10
Oil Spill: Negligence or Sabotage? 06.20.10
Over 200 Mexican Military Invasions into US to Help Drug Smugglers. Mexican Military Fires on Americans. 06.18.10
Obama Working for Communism 06.19.10
Obama/BP Accused of Collusing to Make Oil Spill Happen 06.19.10
Republicans to Hire Dozens to Investigate Obama if They Win the House This Fall. Tell Congressman Issa to Visit CommieBlaster to See a Massive Number of Potential Crimes, like Others Have, So We Can Get Communist Usurper Obama Where He Belongs... Behind Bars. 06.18.10
BEN NELSON DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION: "Obama May Not Have Constitutional Authority, But He Has Moral Authority." 06.18.10
Obama's Oil Spill Solution: $7 per Gallon Gas 06.18.10
Kagan: NRA = KKK 06.18.10
Another Marxist Goes To Washington 06.17.10
OBAMACARE SURPRISE: This will Make Your Blood Boil 06.17.10
2010 Communist Party USA Agenda: "Ever Wider Insurgency and Militancy" 06.17.10
Obama Says ICE Should Forget About Illegal Immigrants 06.17.10
Communists Using Democrats to Smash "Ultra - Right" 06.17.10
Obama’s “Regime Change” of Socialist Control 06.17.10
NO ONE IN CHARGE! Coast Guard Orders Crude-Sucking Barges Idled Against Governor Wishes 06.17.10
NJ Gov. Christie Defeats Democrats in Budget Battle 06.17.10
Congressman Joe Barton (as a US Citizen) Apologizes to BP's CEO for Obama's $20 Billion, 'Chicago Mafia-Like' Crime
Ex-Marine Teacher Defeats Union 06.16.10
Rigged Voting System in NY Town (Fox reported: 1 Vote Counts as 6; Illegals Can Vote) 06.16.10
TEA PARTY 2.0 06.16.10
Obama's Support Now Just the Poor 06.15.10
The Enemy Within: UNIONS 06.15.10
New Zeal's American Hero 06.15.10
State Department Claims “African-American Men Have Been Enslaved Picking Crops in Florida" 06.15.10
Ex-Oil Company CEO describes Gov't Coverup: Oil not greatest threat. High levels of toxic airborne chemicals are existing leak. Public not warned, may now be breathing toxic gases. Cause believed to be stupidity, not conspiracy. Drilled into 20,000-70,000 psi reservior of abiotic oil. Nuclear explosion may be only cure. Undersea plumes present up to 20 miles away. Elites intend to capitalize on this disaster to win in 2010 and 2012 and devistate the us economy. 06.12.10
Obama Says: Safe to Eat the Seafood and No Big Deal If Oil Hits the Beach 06.14.10
Beck Mentions KeyWiki - Crashes the "Communists in US Government" Reference Site 06.15.10
Massachusetts Legislature Acts to Get State Teachers Union Out of Former Marine's Face 06.15.10
Voters Tells Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) to Study CommieBlaster. Please Tell Your Congressional Representatives, too! 06.14.10
Socialist Think Tank Running Obama’s Response to Gulf Oil Spill 06.14.10
Congressman Bob Etherridge (D-NC) Goes Nuts; Attacks Students 06.14.10
Democrats Oppose Their Own Senate Candidate 06.13.10
Obama Says Oil Spill is Like 9-11… Then Goes Golfing for 4 Hours 06.14.10
PURE SLEAZE: Jesse Jackson (Socialist) Hired Mel Reynolds for his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Bill Clinton Commuted Reynold's 6.5-Year Federal Sentence for 15 Convictions of Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, and Lying to the Federal Election Commission. Reynold's also Served 5 Years for Sleeping with Underage Campaign Volunteer. Commie Congressmen Bobby Rush and Roland Burris Attended the RainbowPUSH Conference Kick Off. 06.13.10
Truth is the New "Hate Speech": Paypal Cuts Off Atlas Shrugs for Reporting Obama's Muslim Faith. 06.13.10
Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification” 06.12.10
Last Stand: Battle Against Eminent Domain 06.12.10
Hear the Woman Who Says SC Dem Sen. Nom Alvin Green Showed Her Porn 06.12.10
OUTSTANDING! AZ Gov. Brewer On Illegal Aliens With Anchor Babies: “They Can Take Their Children Back With Them” 06.12.10
“Spa-Obama” - Illegal Detention Centers 06.12.10
Tea Party-Attacking, Union Goon will Go to Court 06.12.10
Alarming: Cry Wolf Project 06.11.10
Communists Plan Obama/Democrat Comeback in November 2010 06.11.10
Blagojevich and Obama 06.10.10
Marxist Teacher Torments Anti-Castro Protest 06.02.10
The Man Who Punched a Peaceful Tea Party Member was a Socialist and Union Organizer 06.10.10
Civil War Brewing in Democratic Party? 06.10.10
London's Mayor: Says Obama "Despicable"; Demands Anti-British Rhetoric, Buck-Passing and Name-Calling” 06.10.10
ACLU is “Disgusted” with Obama 06.10.10
Chris Christie: Democrats Using Wrong Playbook 06.10.10
Unemployed SC Senate Nominee Facing Charges Of Flashing Porn To College Girl. Dems Now Claim He's a Republican Plant 06.10.10
Double Counting at the Census 06.10.10
Is Obama at Tipping Point? 06.10.10
Peaceful Tea Party Members Assaulted 06.09.10
Now That's Progressive... Dem PickSenate Primary Winner Faces Felony Obscenity Charges (also Kicked Out of the Army) 06.09.10
For First Time, USNORTHCOM Gears Up for Potential Attack on U.S. Soil (by Tea Party Civil Disturbance under Control of UN?) Download CIVIL DISTURBANCE OPERATIONS written by US Army in 2005 06.09.10
QUIZ: Who said it — Democratic Leaders or Communist Party USA? 06.08.10
Photograph Police Arrests --> GO TO JAIL! 06.09.10
Greatest Threat to America 06.09.10
John Bolton for President 06.08.10
Progressives Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez Give Donor $8 Million to Help Their Luxury Condominium Development 06.08.10
Massachusetts Teachers Union Squeezes Former Marine for Dues 06.08.10
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' Wife Says “We are in a Fight for our Country’s Life” 06.08.10
Rahm Emanuel’s Rent-Free D.C. Apartment Owned by BP Adviser 06.08.10
Statue of Joseph Stalin to be Unveiled in Virginia 06.07.10
Focused Like a Laser on Shirtless Beer-Pong 06.07.10
Party Animal-In-Chief 06.07.10
Obama Wastes Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Personal Entertainment 06.07.10
Obamas Attend Ford's Theatre Gala (His Second Music Party in a Week); Yet No White House Mention of D-Day 06.07.10
Oil Spill:
- Climate Bill to be Rebranded as BP Spill Bill
- BP CEO Dumps $2 Million in Stock Just Prior to Leak
- Are Dispersants Worse Than The Oil? Investigation Needed.
FL Governor Crist Accused of Knowledge of Money Laundering and Fraud 06.05.10
MSNBC Poll: 96% Support Arizona Immigration Law 06.04.10
Lawyer Jailed in Solitary Confinement Without Trial for Exposing Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Taking Bribes 06.04.10
GOP Candidate Steve Poizner is Far Left 06.04.10
Socialist Sins of American Businesses 06.04.10
Sestak - Plummets in Polls 06.04.10
Far Left Journalist, Helen Thomas Willingly Steps into Palenstine Poo 06.03.10
Chris Christie: This is The Fight 06.03.10
Video: Gov't Unions vs Taxpayers 06.03.10
All the New Gov't Agencies Obama Has Created 06.03.10
FBI: As Gun Sales Rise, Violent Crimes Drop 06.02.10
Press Turning on Obama over Oil Spill 06.03.10
SERIOUS CONTENT WARNING! Ugandans Against Obama 06.03.10
OFA and the DNC: ACORN 2.0 06.03.10
The Rise of the Thug Left 06.03.10
Connecting The Communist Dots: The Free Gaza Movement Flotilla, Illegal Migrant Workers, May 1st Coalition and Organizing for America 06.01.10
California RINO Candidate: Carly Fiorina, the Black Panther and the Progressive Left. More: Fiorina, al-Mansour and the World Economic Forum 06.02.10
RINO John McCain Dumps ‘Stand With Arizona’. Note: McCain's Daughter is a Confessed Progressive. 06.02.10
Government Motors: Ridiculous 06.01.10
STEALTH ATTACK! How the Left took over America piece by piece 06.01.10
America: Weak & Soft Under Barack Obama 06.01.10
Republicans Jump to Historic Lead in Gallup Generic Ballot 06.01.10
Marxist/Socialist Slams Arizona, Calls Obama "Friend" 05.31.10
HE GETS IT AND SAYS IT: Lt. Col. Allen West 05.30.10
Illegal Immigrants & Socialists Rally Against AZ Bill 05.30.10
soviet spy yuri communist obama marxist socialist maoist


Russian KGB Agent Told Us 25 Years Ago He was Surpised How Easy it had been for Communists to Infilrate Our Military. Now We're Seeing Potential Examples:

- Congressman Joe Sestak is Ex-Navy Admiral

- Gen. Wesley Clark is Working with George Soros

- Ex-Navy Captain, "Tickle Me" Progressive Congressman Eric Massa may be a homosexual and might have been blackmailed as a result while in the military. Admits being naked in shower and physical contact with Ex-Ballet Dancer, Rob Emanuel.

- Bilderberg Attendee, Gen. Petraeus
Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns.... GREAT PHOTO HISTORY of Obama Partying and Golfing While Our Economy Melts Down and the Oil Slick Spreads. Next Gala Event at Taxpayer Expense: White House to Host Concert Honoring Paul McCartney 05.28.10
IRS Asked to Review Unions’ Political Donations 05.29.10
Progressive Gov. Deval Patrick and Progressive MA Attorney General Martha Coakley Tied to HAMAS Terrorist Organization in Boston 05.29.10
CONGRESS GIVES THEMSELVES PAY RAISES. Bachmann Slams Government for $30 Billion, 10-Year Federal Employees Pay Raise. The Government is Writing Laws to Steal Money from Private Industy, While Not Performing. 05.27.10
Why Obama is Against AZ Law 05.28.10
Obama Supports Treaty to Ban Your Guns 05.28.10
ALREADY IN PLACE. Has Secret Members
Orrin Hatch: "Many Believe the President (Obama) Responsible for Destruction of Our Country" 05.28.10
8th State Says Guns Beyond Feds' Control 05.28.10
SHAME: Nine GOP Reps Supporting Union Bailout 05.28.10
Militant, Communist Black Panther Organization's New Chairmanon Says "‘Prepare for War’ on Tea Partiers, Gun Owners 05.27.10


With No Chance for November Wins and Potential for Sestak Bribery Impeachment, Congressional Majority Progressive - Socialist - Maoist-Communist Democrats Have Decided to Take Over Our Country by Force Prior to Upcoming Elections

1,200 Troops were Sent to Mexican Border to Allow Communist Forces to Rapidly Enter USA from Mexico




Ordered in by Janet Napolitano, They're Here to Quell US Citizen Uprising

Separate Report. Citizens Report Nationwide Mobilization of National Guard. United Nations Convey Spotted in PA

The above information and it's sources are largely untested by us. However, that's what you'd expect in the beginning of a military action. The data below, though, is good, and certainly reason enough to examine the claims of the above quite seriously.

- Obama Allowed China Generals to Tour US Key Military Bases

- Special Army Unit to be Deployed on American Soil Just Before Nov. Elections

- Obama Ordered US Troops to March with Communists Past Lenin's Grave in Russia

- Obama Raised a Communist Chinese Flag Behind the White House

Dems: Playing Games with the Census 05.27.10
Tea Party Idaho Win 05.27.10
Boehner's Grown a Pair 05.26.10
Glenn Beck Not Crazy 05.26.10
Commie Pigs: PROGRESSIVE POLICE CHIEFS - Police Executive Research Forum that WaPo is Pushing. 05.26.10
Lying Commie and Crooked Democrats 05.26.10
Communist Front Wants Gitmo Closed 05.25.10
Citizens Report Nationwide Mobilization of National Guard 05.24.10
Joe McCarthy - Needed Then and Needed Now 05.25.10
O'Reilly Admits Glenn Beck was Right About Obama. Beck Reflects on Obama's West Point Speech. Limbaurgh Mocks O'Reilly. 05.25.10
Obama Panel: Grossly Exaggerating Cancer Risks 05.25.10
Gross, Naked Communist Wackjobs Slathered In Oil Protest BP's Headquarters 05.24.10
Progressive Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA): Says Obama Critics are 'Almost at the Level of Sedition' 05.24.10
House Passes Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010 as Means to Increase Dem Votes 04.29.10
Republican Candidate with 'Nads 05.24.10
Obama Reveals What “Change” Means 05.24.10
Who is Maurice Strong? 05.24.10
Pentagon’s Cyber Command Prepares War Against the American People 05.24.10
What's the Rush on Kagan? Who Once Lamented the Lack of Unity on the Part of the Socialist Party? 05.23.10
US State Department Says “Conspiracy Theories Exist In The Realm Of Myth” 05.23.10
Our Country's Citizens are Cliff-Diving into Dependency 05.24.10
29th Convention of the Communist Party USA - Reckless Claims of Racism and Global Warming. CPUSA Calls Tea Party "Fascism" and "Extreme Right" 05.23.10
Socialism: The Cancer Grows 05.23.10





Commie Media Outlet, NY Times, Says Spaceship's Purpose is "Surveillance" 05.23.10
Why Obama Attacked Xboxes and Playstations 05.23.10
Marxist Propaganda: How They Describe The History of the Black Panthers 05.23.10
17 States to Follow AZ Immigration 05.22.10
Bill O’Reilly to Top Obama Official: “Why Did You Hire Posner? …Was Raul Castro Not Available?” 05.21.10
Three New Anti-Communist Obama Billboards 05.21.10
Chicago, US Communism's Birthplace 05.21.10
Communist La Raza Mob: Protesting and Trying to Get Arrested 05.21.10
The Covert Influence of the Communist Party USA. Deep Ties to Members of Congress are well documented. 05.21.10
Obama's International Allies: Communist Rally in Athens. In the Final Phase of US Takeover, Communists like these and terrorists are infiltrating our borders and creating internal demonstrations and riots. That's what the current immigration debate is about. We must tighten our borders and build a southern wall fast. 05.20.10
Police Knew Time Square Bomb Accomplice was Illegal Alien 05.21.10
High School that Stopped Girls Basketball Team from Traveling to Arizona Sponsored Official Student Trip to Communist China 05.20.10
Michigan's Socialist Democrat Boss, Mark Brewer 05.21.10
Idaho "Tea Party Express" Backing Incumbent Democratic Congressman with Progressive Stances 05.20.10
SNOWE MUST GO: Lauds Kagan 05.20.10
Chicago Sun Times on Elena Kagan: "Deep Interest in Socialism" 05.19.10
San Francisco Board of Supervisors Wants Immigrants Who Don’t Have Voting Rights to Cast Ballots in School Board Elections 05.19.10
Communist Black Panther Thug On Philadelphia Ballot 05.19.10
As Public Service, Glenn Beck Reads You the AZ Immigration Law 05.19.10
Lt. Col. West Can't Stand Obama (watch video) 05.19.10
Obama Administration Risks Military Coup 05.19.10
JFK Tells Obama What to Do 05.19.10
They're Bailing: Black Church's Commitment to Obama 05.19.10
Unelected U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-WFP) 05.19.10
Western Marxism: What is Waiting for Us If We Don't Act 05.19.10
Here's Part of What We're Dealing with: Brain-Washed Young "Utopia" Socialists 05.19.10
Fast-Talking, make that Fast-Lying, Progressive Weiner Gets His Own Web Site 05.19.10
Rand Paul Says "We've Come to Take Our Government Back" and then Savages Obama’s Catastrophic “Green Economy” 05.19.10
Commie-Loving RINO Lindsey Graham Praises Socialist Kagan 05.19.10
Gingrich Knows What to Do, but He's Part of The Council on Foreign Relations and Going to Run for President 05.18.10
Race for Lieutenant Governor of California includes Democrats (Socialists), Greens (Socialists), Libertarians (?), Republicans (?) and Socialists 05.18.10
ANOTHER PHONEY: On Stage with Blumenthal... CLAIMING BRONZE STAR w/VALOR device 05.18.10
Civil War Nears: Arizona vs Los Angeles. This is What Obama and Bill Ayers Wants to Occur. 05.18.10
Dem CT Senate Candidate: Phony Vietnam Vet 05.18.10
New Jersey Cities Give Illegal Immigrants IDs 05.17.10
Obama Hands Space to Russia. Neil Armstrong: NASA Plan a ‘Blueprint for a Mission to Nowhere". Rockefeller: "Mooner". 05.17.10
Communist Party USA Celebrates Obama’s ‘Voter Drive’ 05.17.10
ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW: Holder Hasn't Read It, Napolitano Hasn't Reviewed It, Posner is Apologizing to Communist China and Progressive LA Mayor, Villaraigosa is Bold-Faced Lying Like a Communist. 05.17.10
Evidence of Socialist Country Population Control. All Except Muslims. 08.15.09
Gingrich Nails It: The (Obama-Pelosi) Secular-Socialist Regime Is as Great a Threat to America as Nazi Germany and USSR 05.17.10
Savage: Kagan is "Part of the New York City Communist Front" 05.17.10
Rubio Says: Growing American Religion is Statism 05.16.10
Glenn Beck's NRA Speech. Glenn Beck's Liberty University Commencement Address 05.15.10
Commies Turn on Obama: 2,000 US Actors, Prominent Liberals Accuse Obama of “War Crimes” 05.15.10
Hawaii Public School Allows Public Bashing of Tea Party Movement 05.14.10
Commie Dems Plan to Turn Illegals into Dem Voters 05.15.10
Ex-RINO Charlie Crist: Stealing Republican Donations 05.15.10
Communist Environmental Groups Secretly working with Obama on "Land Protection" 05.14.10
Arizona Bans Chicano Revolution School Courses, which are promoted by the Communist La Raza Organization, which Obama Supports 05.15.10
Marxist L.A. Teacher Advising Kids Against Police 05.14.10
Obama's Plan to Create a Socialist State 05.14.10
Status on Winning Back Congress 05.13.10
Progressive L.A. Mayor: Illegal Immigration Adds to ‘Economic Might’ of Deficit-Ridden California 05.14.10
Neil Armstrong (Who Never Talks) Slams Obama with Just Cause 05.14.10
Elena Kagan is Against Gun Rights 05.14.10
Radical, Socialist, Marxist Elena Kagan Must Be Blocked from Supreme Court at All Costs
Obama's Friend, La Raza's Violent Threats Ignored, While Tea Party Protesters Considered Dangerous 05.14.10
Empire State Building Honored Communist China, but Refuses to Honor Mother Teresa 05.13.10
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is Picking Up Fans, Even Glenn Beck 05.13.10
Federal Food Police 05.14.10
Think Progress Steps in Dog Poop 05.13.10
What to Do, If the Government Comes Knocking 05.14.10
WAY TO GO! Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is Kickin' Butt and Taking Names! 05.13.10
Midterm Elections Don't Matter. Isn't It Time for a Velvet Revolution? 05.13.10
Top 7 Marxist Communist Policies being Implemented by Obama Today 05.13.10
More on Socialist SCOTUS Nominee: 1, 2 05.13.10
Kagan: Backs Limits on Speech 05.12.10
Obama's SCOTUS Nominee is Probably a Socialist: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 05.11.10
Obama Bails Out Railroad and Airline Unions 05.11.10
6 Million Illegals in Country Whose Visas have Expired 05.11.10
Obama's Rules for Revolution 05.11.10
Hollywood Releases Violent Pro-Illegal Immigrant Film 05.11.10
New York State Opens Door to Voter Fraud 05.11.10
Obama Makes It Easier for Communists to Form Unions 05.10.10
AT LAST! A Smart College Professor 05.06.10
GE Brings Communist Chinese Spies to US 05.06.10
Tea Parties Spread to Europe 05.06.10
Communists/Socialists: Al Sharpton Talking with Danny Glover 05.06.10
Gingrich Pokes Obama in Eye with Facts 05.06.10
Immigration Reform: Not Dead 05.06.10
Al Shapton: Spouting Communist Social Justice Talk 05.06.10
Progressive Wins Ohio Dem Senate Race. Dem Competitor had Socialist Party Support. 05.06.10
Obama Against Fed Audit, Backed by an Unholy Alliance Between Republicans and Socialits. There is Overwhelming Support. 05.06.10
GE’s Communist Lobbying Strategy 05.05.10
We're Living in 1934 05.05.10
Obama: Biggest Recipient of BP Cash 05.05.10
Two Well-Known Racist, Socialist/Communists Want All-Star Game out of Arizona 05.04.10
Obama is "Dropping Our Shields" by Eliminating Preemptive Strike Option 05.03.10
More Proof Democrats Now a Socialist Party... Democrat Coons wrote “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist”. Says His Trip To Kenya was the Turning Point. 05.03.10
Obama Attacks His "Socialist" Label 05.02.10
Obama Sends Armed Swat Teams to Oil Rigs 04.30.10
Dems Expect to Take a Shellacking 05.02.10
Obama Treason Trial is Two Weeks Away 05.01.10
National Socialists Show Up Armed in Arizona 04.30.10
GOOD JOB, ARIZONA! Passes Bill Banning Radical Ethnic Studies Programs 04.30.10
House Approves First Step in Making Puerto Rico the 51st State. Some Republicans Voted for It. PETITION FAST!! 04.29.10
Obama's Wild Ride (GOP Video) 04.29.10
Welcome to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallas 04.29.10
YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING: OBAMA SENDS OUT THE SWAT TEAM TO DEAL WITH GRANDMA. Next Time This Happens, Let's Offer Them Cookies and Ice Water. 04.28.10
No SWAT TEAMS Here, Though, Where Violence is Threatened at an Immigration Protest. 04.28.10
Racist Senator Kevin Parker (NY-D) Goes on Racist Rant 04.28.10
NY Government Wants to Steal Your Body Parts 04.28.10
FBI Agent Short on Details during Militia Inquiry 04.28.10
Communists Meet to Select the Next US Supreme Court Judge 04.28.10
Karl Rove Sides with Moonbats 04.28.10
CNN's Jack Cafferty: Blasts Obama and Dems on the Arizona Law 04.28.10
Margaret Thatcher vs. Obama 04.27.10
One-Fifth of Missouri Town Attends Obama Protest 04.27.10
Nut Case, Linda McMahon: Running for Connecticut's Senate, Pretending to be a Republican and Launching a Cash for Votes Drive 04.27.10
Progressive Congressman Kennedy (D-RI) Seen Doing Vodka Shots Right After Giving Substance Abuse Speech. Luckily, He's Not Running for Election 04.27.10
RINO Lindsey Graham Walking Away from Both Amnesty and Cap-n-Tax 04.27.10
Stunning Americans Look to Dethrone Pelosi 04.27.10
Obama's Credibility Crisis (the Polite Way of Saying America Doesn't Trust Obama because He Lies and is Corrupt) 04.25.10
Gingrich Explains: How America Became a "Secular-Socialist Machine" 04.23.10
Featured here in Pravda (Russian's Offical Media), Communist Google Guest Speaker, Noam Chomsky Warns of Far Right's Rise in U.S. and Compares the Tea Party to Nazis. 04.23.10
Good News for America! - RINO Lindsey Graham Backs Down. This Puts Climate Bill On Hold and Probably Means It Won't Happen. 04.24.10
Bad News for America! - RINO Olympia Snow May Cave on Financial Regulation Bill 04.24.10
Communist Curses Out Tea Party 04.24.10
Ted Nugent's Opinion on Gun Control 04.24.10
Grandma: The Right-Wing Radical From Hell 04.24.10
Excellent Beck: Obama's Attack on Free Speech; Sedition; Cass Sunstein; Obama's Government Wants to Archive All of Our Emails and Tweets; Obama vs. Richard Nixon; Nixon vs. NY Times, Time, Newsweek and the Washington Post; a Listing of All of the New Agencies Obama Has Created; Regulations Strangle Small Business; Google/Microsoft 04.23.10
RINO Lindsey Graham Stands Alone on Immigration 04.24.10
The Truth Hurts: Obama Says He Can't Connect with People Because of Blogs (i.e., Media He Can't Control) 04.23.10
GM Paid Back Bailout Money By Dipping Into Separate Taxpayer Bailout Pot 04.23.10
Is RINO Congressman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Gay? 1, 2 04.21.10, 09.12.07
Mirrors Obama's View of New Arizona Immigration Law 04.23.10
WHOOOAAA!!! Does This Explain the Un-American Actions of Republican-In-Name-Only Lindsey Graham?? Do Lindsey and Jared Polis Need to Get a Room? MUST WATCH!! What do they have on John McCain? 04.22.10
Censored Portions of Blago Subpoena May Implicate Team Obama. More here 04.22.10
Obama Will Be Able to Monitor Your Bank Accounts and Credit Cards 04.22.10
Top SEC Officials Watched Porn as Markets Collapsed 04.22.10
New Book: The Manchurian President. Trevor Loudon calls it, "The Most Exhaustive Investigation into President Obama’s Largely Concealed Personal History Ever Performed" 03.31.09
San Antonio Tea Party 04.15.10
Exposing Progressive Libertarians 04.21.10
Obama Regime Setting Stage for "False Flag" Violence To Crush Dissent 04.21.10
Senate Democrats' have Written Their Budget Resolution So They Can Pass Jobs Legislation Using Reconciliation. Could also be used for Cap & Trade and more. 04.20.10
Communist Donors Club: Memorize These Organizations and Let's Determine Where the $494,820 from US Government Came From. More here. California, Harvard, Stanford and Columbia Universities are Hot Beds of Communism. No Surprise that Microsoft and Google are High on the List. 04.19.10
Brutally Beaten Jindal Staffer Says Protesters are the Perpetrators 04.18.10
RINO Lindsey Graham Ready to Ram Cap & Trade Through Senate Despite No Global Warming 04.20.10
George Voinovich (R-OH) Only Republication to Vote Against Anti-VAT Bill 04.20.10
James Cameron is a Global Warming Nut 04.20.10
Even Cartoons are Making Fun of Obama Being a Marxist 04.13.10
U.S. Gun Owners Pack Heat in Public to Protest Obama's Marxist Agenda 04.19.10
Beck: Slams Sedition Claims, Shows NAZI Socialists Clashing with Other Socialists, Discusses Bill Clinton's Tea Party Smearing, and Unmasks the Soros-Run Media's Tactics 04.19.10
Communist Harold Meyerson Predicts Obama's Strategy 04.18.10
50-YEAR LOW: 80% of Americans Don't Trust the Federal Government 04.19.10
Obama-Dodd Financial Bill will Further Enrich Goldman Sachs 04.18.10
Michelle Bachman Fires Up Tea Party 04.18.10
Others are Seeing What We've Been Saying for Ages: Obama & Dems Making Great Strides in Achieving Communist Goals for America. Here's Our Status Report 04.18.10
Other Major Banks Did Deals Similar to Goldman’s 04.17.10
Violent Tea Party Infiltrator: Secretary of St. Charles County Dem Committee. More on Steve Belosi. 04.17.10
Just Because They're Republicans, Doesn't Mean You Trust Them: 1, 2 04.17.10
Lou Dobbs: "About Half of Our Economy is Socialist and No One is Talking About It." 04.16.10
Obama Reverses Stance on Treaty to Regulate Arms Trade 04.16.10
Obama Mocks Tea Party Movement… Says He’s Amused by the Rallies. Obama and Biden Then Skip Out on Tea Party Rally 04.15.10, 04.16.10
Genuine and Dedicated Commie Hunter, Cliff Kincaid, Warns Alex Jones may be a Russian Plant. We're Conflicted. We Truly Respect/Support Kincaid, and He may be Right, but Our Independent Research Does Appear to Convincingly Support Quite a Few of Alex Jones' Assertions. However, We have Not Seen ANY Evidence to Support Jones' Most Controversial 9/11 (Caused by US Government) "False Flag" Theory. 04.16.10
8 Possible GOP Traitors 04.16.10
Lt. Col. Allen West's Tea Party Speech 04.16.10
Gay Supreme Court Nominee? 04.16.10
Teabagger For Jesus 04.16.10
Obama Gets His Trotsky: Takes the "High Road" to Communist Union Labor 04.15.10
Retired Sheriff and Army Veteran Warns Us on What May Be Happening in America 04.15.10
Drinking Like Fish. State Department's $300,000 Booze Bill 04.14.10
Leftists Attack Tea Party 04.14.10
Proud To Be A Tea Bagger 04.06.10
Mike Pence Laughs in Congress at Democrats Saying They've Been Cutting Taxes 04.14.10
(150) National Socialists Meeting in Los Angeles 04.14.10
Oath Keepers Withdraw From DC Rally Over 19 Violent Threats 04.14.10
Has Obama Begun His Marxist Revolution? 04.09.10
Ex-Congressman Eric Massa (The Guy Who Called Rahm Emanual was the "Son of the Spawn of the Devil"): Accused of Workplace Gay Sex Advances by His Staffers 04.13.10
US Now a Banana Republic 04.13.10
Barack Obama and the Marxist-Democrat Tyranny 04.12.10
Confirmed: Roosevelt Ended the Great Depression… When He Died 04.12.10
The Heritage Foundation Makes Left Soil Itself 04.12.10
CIA Visits Dr. Manning a Second Time? 03.25.10
Jon Voight’s Desperate Letter to America 04.12.10
Obama's Plan to Change Your Lifestyle 04.12.10
Obama Meets with Dictator for Life and Says: "We're Still Working on Our Democracy" 04.12.10
300 Somalis Linked to Terrorists Smuggled into US and Running Free 04.12.10
Congressman LoBiondo (R-NJ) Didn't Know the Constitution 03.29.10
RINO Progressive, Lindsey Graham About to Propose Immigration Reform 04.10.10
Diabolical Plot: “Crash the Tea Party” Website May Have Virus, Malware 04.10.10
Obama Fan - Probably Not Real, but Funny 04.10.10
The Russian Hit Job 04.10.10
How to Understand Democratic "Lib Speak" 04.10.10
Ron Paul's Brain Fart 04.10.10
A Small Business Owner's Letter Explains the Impact of Obama's Socialism 04.10.10
Obama Ditches Press. Claimed to be at Daughter's Soccer Game. Who'd He Meet With? 04.10.10
Socialist Alert! Welcome to "Crash the Tea Party" 04.10.10
US Progressing to a Full Marxist State 04.09.10
Civil Disobedience is Coming 01.06.10
See a Shockingly Large Number of Socialists, Communists and Terrorists that are Now Steering the Direction of America at the Center for [Un]American Progress, including Madeleine Albright, Wesley Clark, and Communist Weather Underground Member, Mark Rudd 04.09.10
An Administration of Radicals 04.09.10
The Four-Phase Transformation of America Behind Obama’s Wildly Racing Clock 04.07.10
Red House Touts New Transparency Rules After Watchdogs Decry Administration’s Poor FOIA Responses 04.08.10
Coming Entitlement Tsunami 04.08.10
Obama, Democrat’s, and Healthcare Approval Ratings Spiral Downward 04.07.10
Restoring Voting Rights of Convicted Felons and H.R. 3335 (an Attempt to Gain More Progressive Votes) 03.23.10
Left Lashing Out. We Must Remain Legal and Non-Violent. 04.06.10
John Deere Selling Out American Jobs for Backroom Deal to Support Fraud Science 04.06.10
Congressmen Pocketing Cash 04.06.10
Reminder Obama's "Not One Dime" Tax Promise? Bend Over: Here They Come 04.07.10
Not Christian, but Marxist 04.07.10
Long-Time Obama Friend and Marxist Priest, Michael Pfleger Gets an Award from Catholic Archdiocese 04.07.10
Obama and Other Progressives are Failing To Sell Socialism 04.06.10
For Pink Floyd Lovers that Hate Obama 04.06.10
Obama Nominee Hides Over 117 Records. More Here 04.06.10
Who are the Socialists in America? 04.06.10
Frightened SEIU Tries to Silence Glenn Beck 04.06.10
San Francisco's Housing Mob. The Death of Property Rights 04.06.10
Ohio's Socialist Candidate for Senate 04.06.10
Marxist Website Says: Communists Advance the Progressive Idea. Discusses Their Support for Obama and Al Gore. 04.05.10
Communist Boss Tells Comrades to Stick With Democrats 04.04.10
Socialist Congress Members: Their Path Forward and Their End Game 04.02.10
Obama Hires 4 More Lobbyists: Brings Total to 50 04.02.10
Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch Blasts Obama's Treatment of Israel 04.01.10
Anti-Obama Billboards in Atlanta. 04.01.10
Punt Mitt Romney 04.01.10
Congress Approved a 6,000-MAN PRIVATE ARMY FOR OBAMA 03.31.10
Rep. Joe Barton Predicts Civil Disobedience 03.31.10
Apple Computer Boycotts Glenn Beck and Promotes Che Guevara. More Companies Boycotting Glenn. Surprise, Surprise... Progressive and GMAC Financing are on this List. Show Them Our Buying Power and Refuse to Buy Their Communist-Leaning Products. 03.31.10
Anarchists Plan War at April 15th Tea Parties. Here's What to Do 03.31.10
Socialist Dems Beginning to Cancel Public Town Halls 03.31.10
Obama's Socialism Killing Jobs 03.31.10
DNC Donor Arrested for Threatening Rep. Cantor 03.30.10
Obama Says: Tea Party Believes He's a Socialist and Questions His Legitimacy 03.30.10
Obama's Middle Finger has a Name: Craig Becker 03.30.10
Socialists in Congress Coming Out of the Marxist Closet 03.30.10
White House Representative, Valerie Jarret Meets with Farrakan and Pro-Obama Socialists in Chicago. More here. 03.30.10
4 Blocks of Harlem to Be Shut Down for 7 Days for Obama Sedition and Treason Trial. May 14-19 Trial to be Shown in Streets on Large LCD Screen. 30,000 - 70,000-Person Daily Marches around Columbia University to be Held. 03.29.10
Communist Goals Being Met Under Obama. Here's Our Independent Assessment 03.29.10
Communist Dictator Fidel Castro Applauds Obama 03.29.10
Ted Nugent: Stop the Communist Take Over of America 03.29.10
45% Progressive Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY): Under Grand Jury Investigation 03.28.10
Frail Lady -- Just Released From Hospital -- Assaulted at Peaceful Tea Party by Obama Fanatic. Harry Reid Supporters Throw Eggs at Tea Party. Seattle Times Corrects Lie About Protesters Throwing Brick 03.27.10
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery. The GOP's Looney Tunes. See the Truly Funny Commie Tunes Videos that Started It All! 03.28.10
They are Telling Us: They are Socialists 03.27.10
The Government Can Take You Off Your Insurance and Everyone Can Now Stand By For More Cancers 03.27.10
Real Life Communist Theme Park 03.27.10
15 New Radical Obama Appointments 03.27.10
Communist Website Says, Senator Max Baucus Admits He’s a Marxist (and they're Right!) 03.26.10
Obama, fellow Socialists to Ram Through New Amnesty Bill Soon 03.26.10
More White House Visits: Bill Ayers (3 Visits); Louis Farrakhan (1 Visit); Jeremiah Wright (5 Visits); Al Sharpton (2 Visits); Jesse Jackson (6 Visits) 03.26.10
PAY ATTENTION TO THIS -> Craig Becker: Will be Appointed to National Labor Relations Board During Congressional Recess. Craig Becker's Extreme Background. He'll Force Everyone to Join a Union. 03.26.10
Harris Poll: 40% Believe Obama is a Socialist; 33% Think He's Muslim; 30% Believe He "Wants to Turn Over the Sovereignty of the U.S. to a One-World Government"; More. 03.25.10
Rep. Cantor Calls Rep. Hollen and DNC Chair Kane for: Using Congressional Threats as "a Political Weapon"... More 03.25.10
RINO Lindsey Graham (R-SC): Still Dancing with the Devil. Graham - No Friend of America. 03.25.10
They Are Not Democrats. They Are Communists. 03.23.10
Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA): “The Problem With Socialism Is You Run Out of Other People’s Money” (Video) 03.21.10
New Billboard: Obama Worse Than Carter 03.20.10
Obama, Clinton Money Man Guilty Of Major Fraud Scheme 03.20.10
The Call to Impeach Obama 03.19.10
We are Surely Entering a Dark Period in American History 03.19.10
Greenspan Marxist? 03.19.10
Tom Perriello (D-VA): "If You Don't Tie Our Hands, We Will Keep Stealing" 03.18.10
Donor to Democrats Pleads Guilty to $292 Million Fraud 03.18.10
Tea Party Candidate Imposter - Harry Reid Trick? 03.17.10
Frightening Documentation of How Obama is Usurping Power and Acting Like a Dictator. Progressive Senator Chuck Schumer Secretly Recorded Plotting to Change the Constitution. US's AAA Moody Rating in Jeopardy. 03.16.10
The Coffee Party: Just the Same Old Swill 03.15.10
Michelle Obama's Designer Goes Bankrupt Due to the Economy 03.15.10
Axelrod: Americans Are Too Stupid To Care About Congressional Procedures (scroll down) 03.14.10

Obamacare: Shortcut to Socialism 03.13.10
Another Obama Government Website Flop 03.13.10
Obama's Liberal Base 'Disengaged' 03.12.10
Obama Killing US Space Program 03.11.10
Former State Trooper and Veteran: Tells It Like It Is 03.11.10
Despite Public Support and Jobs, Obama Bans Off-Shore Drilling While He's in Office 03.10.10
Hilarious Anti-Barbara Boxer Ad 03.10.10
Clinton-Appointed Judge May Be Impeached for Taking Money From Laywers, like Commie Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) 03.09.10
Food Police: $1,000 Salt 03.09.10
Progressive RINO Lindsey Graham Sides with Commie Dems on Bilderberg Style National ID Card 03.09.10
Obama and Gun Control 05.01.09
Dan Rather and Charlie Cook on Obamacare: Biggest Miscalculations Seen in Modern Political History 03.08.10
Rep. Eric Massa: Says Attacked Because He Didn't Vote for Obamacare. Says Rahm Emanuel is "Son of the Devil's Spawn" 03.08.10
McCain/Lieberman Bill: Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”? 03.08.10
Detroit Socialist Explains the Soviet States of America 03.05.10
Illinois: Wants to Harvest Your Organs Without Consent 03.07.10
The Democratic Party is Destroying Itself 03.07.10
Illinois Schools Chiefs: Salaries Keep Supersizing 03.02.10
Rats Flee Sinking Ship: Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) Trashes Obama's Policies. Her New Campaign Ad 03.06.10
Progressive/RINO Lindsey Graham At It Again 03.06.10
Indonesian Students Protest Barack Obama's Visit 03.06.10
Washington Times: The United Socialist States of America 03.05.10
Why Do We Fear Calling Obama a Socialist? 03.05.10
Obama Focusing Again on Immigration 03.04.10
Commie Students Protest Campus Budget Cuts 03.04.10
Obama: Poster Boy for Pot Ad 03.02.10
EU Federal Economic Government Proposal Mirrors Nazi Plan For Fourth Reich 03.01.08
Song: There's a Communist Living in the White House 03.01.10
Another Obama Plan To Sneak Socialism into US 02.28.08
Aloha? Hawaii Moves Closer to Having Sovereign Powers. Obama Supported Approach to Give Part of Hawaii back to Natives and Allow Native to Govern in Parallel with State of Hawaii. More. 02.22.08
Miami Considering Making It Illegal To Feed Homeless Without Government Training And Certification 02.28.08
US Banks Veto Socialist Pay in Secret Talks 02.28.08
CNN Poll: Majority Says Government a Threat to Citizens' Rights 02.25.10
Hillary Clinton Says U.S. Deficit Now a Security Issue 02.26.10
Obama, the Chicago Boys, and their $30 Billion Slush Fund 02.26.10
The Dead Road of Socialism 02.25.10
Obama Rejects Socialist Tag But Would Tax Health Plans If More Than People 'Need' 02.25.10
Obama Tells CEO's: He's No Socialist Plotting a Government Takeover of the Economy. Here's a Patriot's Excellent Analysis of this Topic. 02.24.10
The Chicago Marxist Family Tree 02.25.10
Communists in Space 02.24.10
U.S. Missile Defense Agency Using Obama Logo 02.24.10
Commie Politicians Lie 02.23.10
Scott Brown: Flames Out 02.23.10
$1.5 Billion in Reparations: Obama Settles With Black Farmers 02.22.10
If Obama’s Not A Socialist, Why Is He Now Targeting Insurance Rate Control? 02.22.10
Gingrich: The "Radical Left is a Secular, Socialist Machine" that will Destroy America 02.22.10
Gingrich Compares Admin To Soviets 02.20.10
Socialist International - Goal: World Governance; Head: Greece's President, George Papandreou (Greece is broke); Push: Global Warming. Obama's Climate Czar, Carol Browner, is a Socialist International Commissioner. 02.16.10
"Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery Discretionary Grant Program" (Socialists' Fancy Name for Using Your Tax Money to Help Get Other Socialists Elected). -- Never Mind that Hawaii's Stimulus Claims Don't Add Up. -- Obama and Abercombie Go Way Back. 02.19.10
Austin Plane Crash: May Have Been Closed By a Commie Loon! (Suicide Note Excerpt: "The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.") More Emerging Details 02.18.10
Fox Picks Up the Dr. John Drew "Obama Marxist" Interview Story 02.18.10
Nevada Republican Senate Candidate Danny Tarkanian Calls Obama/Reid Meeting "A Socialist Summit" 02.18.10
Progressive Clintonistas, headed by James Carville: Plotting Tea Party Counterattack 02.17.10
Lots of Good Info on the Commie Congressional Black Caucus (Crew of 42) 02.17.10
Commie Congressional Black Caucus: Spent More on Catering, Social Events than on Scholarships 02.17.10
UK Cambridge's King's College Keeps Communist Flag 02.17.10
2010 Census: $Millions Already Wasted 02.16.10
CNN Poll: Obama Doesn't Deserve 2nd Term 02.16.10
Good Video of Governor Christie Discussing New Jersey's Financial Crisis 02.16.10
Global Warming Has Been Debunked, but NOAA is Still Pushing The Earth is Warming. Why? They Want a New NOAA Climate Service (i.e., More Wasted Tax Money) 02.15.10
Indonesia: Obama Statue Removed 02.15.10
Erected: Impeach Obama Billboard 02.13.10
Catholic Bishops Funding Socialist Agendas 02.11.10
Obama's Plans for Executive Power Use 02.12.10
Socialist Candidate in Texas 02.12.10
Extremist Group Crafted the Energy Bill, including Communist Terrorist, Jeff Jones 02.10.10
John McCain's Daughter Admits to being a Progressive, Nancy Pelosi's Hero is a Communist Russian Agent, California Progressivism, Communist Van Jones & U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and How Progressives Think: All in This Video 02.09.10
13 Members of Congress, 17 Companies and Associations File Court Challenge Against EPA 'Endangerment Finding' 02.09.10
The Government is Collecting Your Baby's DNA 02.08.10
Florida's Take on Obama Proposed New EPA Water Standards: "Be Afraid" 02.08.10
Rasmussen: 75% Angry at Government's Current Policies and Obama Hits New Low in Polls 02.08.10
Marvel Comics Says: Tea Parties are Dangerous and Racist 02.07.10
Think Government Is Corrupt? You May Face 10 Years In Jail 02.07.10
Tea Party "Bill of Particulars": Says Obama Pursued Socialism 02.05.10
Michele Bachmann: "(Obama) Wants to Annihilate Us!" 02.05.10
The New Yorker: "Eric Holder is a Marxist Mole", "Communist" and "Traitor" 02.05.10
Midwest Billboard: Sums It Up with One Word! 02.02.10
Wall Street Journal Article Shows Communist-Led Union Trends 02.03.10
Take an Inside Look at Obama's Vote Machine Part 1, Part 2 02.02.10, 02.01.10
Obama and Marxist Dems: Primed to End USA by 2011 02.02.10
History Repeats Itself: Obama vs. Eugene Debs 02.02.10
Not Bright: 36% of Americans (Mostly Dems) Think Socialism is Something "Positive". Education is Needed. 02.01.10
Well Known Communist, Howard Zinn Founded "New Party", The Communist Political Party that Obama Joined. This article describes how Zinn worked with ACORN, the Democratic Socialists of America and the Committees of Correspondence and How Communists Founded "Progressives for Obama". 02.01.10
Audit Needed: Obama's Campaign Financing 01.30.10
Time to Boot RINO Lindsey Graham. Apparently, Graham has Lost His Mind. 01.30.10
UAW Declining, as Union Greed Dismembering Michigan 01.30.10
Communists Are Now Recruiting the Homeless in California 01.29.10
Excellent! Beck Analyzes Obama's State of the Union: Part 1, 2, 3, 4. Part 3 is MUST WATCH. 01.27.10
CNBC's Jim Cramer ABSOLUTELY RIPS Obama’s Anti-Biz Stance 01.27.10
US Communist Party: Obama Win Was a Turning Point in Our History. Their Goal: Continue to Build a “Broad Progressive Labor-Led Democratic Movement” 01.27.10
Democrats New Strategy: Revealed! 01.26.10
Obama's Socialist Advisers Say, "Push Immigration Reform to "Create a Governing Coalition For the Long Term" 01.27.10
Government Soliciting Bids to: Grow, Harvest, and Distribute Marijuana Cigarettes on Large Scale 01.25.10
Indonesia Mulls Tearing Down Obama Statue 01.25.10
Saul Alinsky Video: No Rules for Radicals 01.25.10
A First: Most US Union Members Now Government 01.23.10
Western Oregon is Socialist 01.23.10
Kamikaze Congress 01.22.10
The Communist/Progressive History You’ve Never Seen. Beck's "The Revolutionary Holocaust": Part 1 (Hitler, Stalin, Marx), Part 2 (Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Engels, George Bernard Shaw), Part 3 (Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Engels, Ukrainian Genocide, New York Times), Part 4 (Che Guevara), Part 5 (Che Guevara), Part 6 (Chairman Mao) 01.22.10
Oakland Mayor and Former Congressman "Red" Ron Dellum (who doesn't pay his taxes) and Commie Congress Member, Barbara Lee Supported Grenada's Communist Dictator 01.22.10
Economy Unsustainable Because Obama Pushing Communist Party Agenda 01.22.10
77% of Investors Say Obama is Anti-Business 01.22.10
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.): Free Speech Decision is "Un-American" 01.21.10
Chairman Mao and the White House 01.21.10
Obama Hammers Wall Street Banks 01.21.10
Che Guevara Images Displayed in Obama Campaign Offices Lands You in Jail in Poland 01.20.10
The Progressive Virus and Their Run to Create a Marxist US Government Part 1 (Jimmy Carter and Michael Moore), Part 2 (Obama, the Progressive), Part 3 (Without Debate, No Republic Can Survive), Part 4 (The Attacks) 01.19.10
Voter Fraud 01.18.10
Rob Emanuel: "The 1st Amendment is Highly Overrated" 01.18.10
Obama Re-Nominates Extremists To High Posts. Most Funded by Felon Billionaire, George Soros 01.18.10
FBI Got Bin Laden Photo from a Communist 01.17.10
The "Dark Side" of Scott Brown (Keeping GOP and INC out of Tea) 01.16.10
Communist Tactics Being Used 01.16.10
We Must Stand Our Ground 01.16.10
Barry's First Year: Legal Rights for Terrorists and a Socialist Mop 01.16.10
Russian Communism’s Death Faked 01.16.10
Communist Organizations Working to Grow in US: 1, 2 01.15.10
Racist Marxist/Maoist Black Panthers Attack GOP 01.15.10
Top Ten Union Corruption Stories of the Year 01.13.10
Weekly Standard Reporter Assaulted by Coakley Goon. That Goon is Michael Meehan, an Obama Appointee. 01.13.10, 01.12.10
Debate: Brown vs. Coakley. Who Won? Brown Raised $1.3 Million in One Day. 01.11.10
Intelligent Article: Socialization of America 01.11.10
If Scott Brown Wins, His Confirmation will be Stalled to Pass Socialist Healthcare. Here's the Latest on What the Socialist Healthcare Will Look Like. 01.09.10
Why Obama and Congress Don't Listen to the Public: Their Plan to Steal the Next Election 01.09.10
The Plan to Convert 21 Million Government Workers into Forced-Due-Paying Members of Communist-Led SEIU and AFSCME 01.09.10
Work is in Progress to Steal 2010 Elections 01.08.10
The Progressive Structure Now Being Put in Place by Obama/Congress to Convert USA to a Communist Country Parts 1, 2, 3 01.07.10
Top Obama Advisor, David Axelrod was Mentored by Marxists and Communist Party Members. This video claims Axelrod was a Card-Carrying Communist. 01.06.10,
More White House Visitor Lies 01.04.10
If We Think You are a "Suspected Terrorist", I'm Taking Away Your Consitutional Right to a Gun. Also I Want More Laws to Take Away Your Guns. Rob Emanuel Explains in Unabashed Chicago Political Communist Gangster Style. 12.31.09
Obama Officials, Dems Support Global Socialism 12.28.10
Top Obama Advisor, David Axelrod was Mentored by Marxists and Communist Party Members. This video claims Axelrod was a Card-Carrying Communist. 01.06.10,
More White House Visitor Lies 01.04.10
Barney Frank's Cash-for-Houses ($75,000 per house) 01.04.10
Special Report - US Concentration Camps for Tea Party Protesters? Is this the Plan for Patriotic Americans Who Defend the Constitution?: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 01.03.10
Here Comes the Taxes to Pay for the Communist Transition 01.01.10
Obama Unionizing TSA 12.31.09
Pastor Rick Warren's Mega-Church Financially Tanking After "Pal"-ing with Obama 12.31.09
Obama Declassifying 400 Million Pages of US Secrets 12.30.09
Proof Obama Officials & Dems Working with Europeans Socialists and Soros to Implement Global Socialism: Cooperation Between European Socialists and Democratic Party Uncovered. Communist Howard Dean Spills the Beans in This Video, including Documenting Bill Clinton's Involvement. More Info: 1, 2, 3, 4 12.28.09
Hillary Clinton is Pushing a Communist Agenda. Here's the Related Washington Post Article. 12.28.09, 12.27.09
Kwanzaa = Socialism 12.27.09
Cash for Caulkers: $285,000 per house 12.26.09
Unlimited Aid for Freddie, Fannie 12.25.09
Barack Obama: Worst Person of the Decade 12.25.09
Excellent "Restoration Weekend" Discussion: Democrats - Funded by Soros - Now Have Two Wings - "Communists and Crooks" 12.22.09
Fed Workers Party It Up at $5 Million Christmas Party 12.22.09
Commies Running Detroit Since 1961. How'd That Work Out? 12.21.09
If You Don't Register Your Guns, You're a Terrorist. 12.18.09
Joe Biden Admits He's a Progressive. Note: Progressives Are Communists 12.20.09, 11.23.09
Majority of US Opposes, but Senator Whitehouse (D-RI) says Opponents are Birthers, Right-Wing Militias, and Aryan Groups 12.20.09
Ronnie Had It Right 12.16.09
Marxist Clique of Communists Behind Healthcare - Clique Led By Obama's Friend. Their Mutual Friend is Bill Ayers. 12.16.09
Beck Names Names of "Fat Cat" Communists, Crooks and Liars 12.16.09
Secret Plan to Pass a Global Tax 12.15.10
Google Honors George Soro's Dad. Documentation here. 12.15.09
Listen to The Communist Party USA and the AFL-CIO Union Discuss Obama and Healthcare on Progressive Podcast 12.12.09
Homeless Tent City Called "Obamaville" 12.12.09
Q: What President wouldn't place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day?

A: Commie Obama
Time to Aggressively Apply: The Hatch Act and The US Communist Control Act of 1954. More on the Communist Control Act: 1, 2 12.11.09
Cry for Me, Argentina. Sound familiar? 12.06.09
Congressman Conyers Recommends a Well-Known Marxist, Quentin Young, for the National Committee for Healthcare. More on the Communist Congress Members John Conyers, Danny Davis, Bobby Rush, and Jan Schakowsky on this page. Quentin Young info here, 12.09.09
Insanity: Socialist Pelosi Wants Global Tax on Financial Transactions So She can Spend the Money on Creating Jobs 12.07.09
Liberals Gird Their Loins for Big "Socialism vs Capitalism" Fight by Declaring Glenn Beck to be McCarthy. Read their talking points. 12.05.09
Marxist/Communist Honored on US Postage Stamp. Background on Wright. Here's the Postage Stamp. 12.04.09
GOP: 2102 Election will be "Socialism vs Capitalism" 12.04.09
Obama's Job Summit Invitees Represented a Socialist/Communist "Economy Wrecking Ball". Part 2 12.04.09
HE'S BACK! Communist Van Jones is Still Working with the White House 11.30.09
White House Gate Crashers Tied to Palestine Terrorists and Rashid Khalidi 11.30.09
Obama's Communist Mentor ("Frank") has a 600-Page FBI File. See FBI File Analysis. Frank was a Sex Pervert. 11.29.09
Obama Appoints New Czar Whose Husband was a Member of Obama's Old Communist Organization, New Party. New Anti-Semitism Czar has Ties to Terrorist Group, Hamas 11.29.09
Obama's Doctor Friend was a Marxist. The Marxist Says Obama is Being Dishonest. 11.28.09, 12.03.09
The Obama Administration has Almost No Private Sector Experience - Lowest of Any President (Only Socialists Need Apply) 11.25.09
NBC Reports: "Progressives Follow Mao" 06.23.69
CBS News Reports on Bobby Rush Apartment Raid. Police find Unregistered Gun, Ammo, Pot, Communist Literature and Bomb-Making Books 12.04.69
Watch a Marxist/Communist/Socialist Whip Up Trade Unions in New York, Preparing Them to Fight Capitalists (play the video) 11.19.09
St. Louis Communist Exposed 11.18.09
Communist Speaks at University of Missouri 11.13.09
Why Obama's Communist Connections Are Not Headlines 11.07.09
Socialist Running for Office in Illinois 11.05.09
Communist Found in Alaskan Government 11.04.09
Most Frequent White House Visitors - Andy Stern, John Podesta and George Soros are All Socialists 10.31.09
Financial System May Face Armageddon 09.23.09
They Want Our Guns 09.19.09
Obama's Frightening Comments Regarding our Jaw-Dropping National Debt and Our Ability to be a Military Power 09.19.09
Former Proctor & Gamble VP's Open Letter: "Dear President Obama: You Scare Me" 05.31.09
Congressman Tells Officials He's Concerned About 17 Socialists in Congress 04.09.09

Craig Becker’s NLRB Actions Already Under Investigation 07.06.10
Foreign Troops Training to Confiscate Guns of Americans 07.06.10
Why Filibustering Kagan and Exposing Ineligible Obama is ESSENTIAL! We're One Progressive/Communist Justice Away from America Communist by Law. 07.06.10
Socialist on the High Court? 07.05.10
Obama Tosses Freedom of Speech Out the Window
- BP, Homeland Security and Cops Work Together to Deny 1st Amendment
- Sanitizing the Web
- Blocking "Controversial Opinion"
KAGAN: Morally Blind and Deserving of This Ripping 07.03.10
Kagan Nazi

- Admires Nazi Lover

- Nazi Freak Show

- Socialist Ties (The Middle Years)

- Unqualified and Dangerous

- Evasive Lying Progressive

- Lying Her Pearls Off

- More Lying

- Filibuster Justified!
OBAMA'S LIST OF AMERICANS TARGETED FOR ASSASSINATION. Americans Can Be Killed Anywhere Without Any Due Process or Charges. Democrats Support. 06.28.10
Congressman Issa: Obama Administration Broke Law 07.01.10
Kagan: Against 2nd Amendment. Demand Filibuster! 06.30.10
White House Blocks Kagan Investigation 06.30.10


SINCE WHEN DID WE PERMIT SUPREME COURT JUSTICES WHO DON'T BELIEVE IN OUR CONSTITUTION TO BE APPOINTED FOR LIFE TO INTERPRET THE CONSTITUTION? Progressives are Slower-Moving Socialists / Communists, So Appointing Kagan is a VERY BAD IDEA. Kagan is an Admitted Progressive. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. She's a Socialist. She Believes Precisely as Communist Obama Does When It Comes to the Constitution, and Obama Admits He Does Not Believe in the Constitution. Now and With Kagan, We Likely Have Four Life-Time Communists in the SCOTUS. If They Get One More -- Checkmate -- America Becomes Communist by Law.

Demand Your Congressional Representative Filibuster Kagan. Send Them to Our Site. Legally and Congressionally Investigate Obama's Eligibility. Prove Obama is a Criminal Usurper. Reverse Obama's Communist Sonia Sotomayer Appointment. Bring the SCOTUS Tally Sheet to Six "Pro-American" to Three "Anti-Constitution", Communist Justices. Go Here to Learn More on Kagan. Let's Put an End to This Insanity Right Now!
Elena Kagan's Hero (watch video)
Senator Sessions: Kagan is Pro-Terrorist and Socialist
Supreme Court: Hanging by a Thread 06.28.10
Elena Kagan: “It’s Fine If the Law Bans Books”. She Also Only Has: 60% Success Rate 06.28.10
OBAMA'S ELECTION PREP? TRAIN US MILITARY TO QUELL US CIVILIAN UNREST. Violates Posse Comitatus Law. Creates a Police State. Lots More. 06.28.10
Another Unconstitutional Obamaism: THE DISCLOSURE ACT 06.25.10
Obama Trying Hard to Grant Citizenship to Illegals (without Congress Approval), as His Islamic Terrorist Buddies are Crossing the Mexican Border 06.25.10
Ex-DOJ Lawyer will Testify About Communist Black Panthers 06.24.10
Kagan: Defied Federal Law 06.23.10
Communist Islamic Terrorist, Obama Withholds 1,980 Oil Skimmers (Only Allows 20 Boats to Skim); Meanwhile Judge Rules Against Obama on Drilling Moratorium 06.22.10
Will Obama Execute Executive Order to Provide Amnesty to All Aliens? 06.22.10
Obama to Make $85 Million from BP Disaster 06.21.10
Retired Navy Officer Accuses Obama of Treason, In Process Finds Local Court is Breaking the Law and Gets Arrested 04.07.10
Communist Obama Continues to Destroy Jobs, Destroy Lives, End Constitution 06.17.10
Supreme Court Says Federal Labor Relations Board Operating Illegally. Makes 500 Prior Decisions Void. 06.17.10
Obama's Behavior Control Executive Order - Designed to Control Everything You Do. 06.15.10
54% Want Independent Sestak, Romanoff Investigation 06.14.10
Obama Nominates Judge Lenient to Sex Offenders and Serial Killer 06.12.10
Kagan Supported Policy of Reverse Discrimination 06.12.10
How the Federal Government Usurped the Constitution Beginning in 1871 06.10.10
Republicans Step Up Attacks on Kagan Memos. Elena Kagan: Supported Cloning People. 06.10.10
Keep Kagen Out! 06.07.10
BRIBEGATE: Email Came From White House 06.07.10
BRIBEGATE - June 6, 2010
- WH Originally Denied Sestak Job Offer, Now Confirms It
- WH Now Says It Discussed USAID Position with Romanoff
- Issa Seeks Full Accounting of WH Efforts to ‘Clear the (Primary) Field’
Another Tax Cheat: Rahm Emanuel 06.05.10
Romanoff Now Parsing Words 06.04.10
Kagan - Supported Late Term, Partial-Birth Abortion 06.04.10
Obama Withholding Kagan Documents 06.03.10

Like Sestak, WH Offered Andrew Romanoff Jobs
"BRIBEGATE" - June 3, 2010

Romanoff Offered 3 Jobs to Quit Primary

Romanoff Cracks

WH Changes Denial

White House's E-Mail to Romanoff

White House Aide Admits Jobs Talk

Even Self-Admitted MSNBC Marxist, Chris Matthews Says Gibbs Statements are B.S.

The Coming Resignation of Barack Obama
Bill Clinton May Never Release Kagan Files 06.02.10
Communists in Congress Introduce Legislation to Restrict Powers of Ethics Office After Eight are Investigated for Ethics Violations. 06.02.10
Kagan, Marxist Lawyer 05.18.10
"BRIBEGATE" - June 2, 2010

How the Story Broke

Coverup Always Gets You in the End

Gibbs says White House Did Not Offer Joe Sestak Intel Post

Clinton Redux: The Joe Sestak Affair

Gibbs Has No Answer on Sestak Job Offer
Robert Gibbs Asked Why White House Waited 3 Months to Give Answer on Sestak Job Offer 06.01.10
Lamar Smith: FBI Must Probe Sestak Matter 05.31.10
Sestak Updates: 1, 2 05.31.10
"BRIBEGATE" - May 30, 2010

The Sestak Affair

Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

Sestak Rambles & Misdirects

Gov. Ed Rendell Admits He Did Same Thing
Rambling Accusal of Obama, Biden, Geithner, Emanuel Bribery that may include basis for further research. You decide. 05.29.10
Ignoring US and AZ Sovereignty, Progressive State Senator Amanda Aguirre (D-AZ) Appeals AZ Law to United Nations as Human Rights Violation 05.29.10

Sestak Body Language and Voice Tremors Say He's Lying
"BRIBEGATE" - May 29, 2010

Hannity Reports: 1, 2, 3

Sestak Still Hasn't Denied He was Offered Navy Job

Obama Tried to Bribe Second Primary Candidate

Sestak Ineligible for Job Clinton Offered

GOP Asks FBI to Investigate Collusion
Walpin-Gate 05.28.10
Obama/Clinton: Lunch Yesterday to Get Story Straight
Kagan Put Foreign Law Before Constitution 05.27.10
Congressman: Obama May Have Spent $10 Million On Illegal Kenya Abortion Push 05.27.10
Seven Republicans Call for Special Prosecutor in Sestak Case 05.26.10
Justice Department Sued Over Communist Black Panthers. It's Another Obama Cover-Up. 05.26.10

Sestak Can
Kick-Off Public
Obama Trials
and New
McCarthy Hunt
(Part Deux)

Sestak Still Dodging "Who and What?"

US Congressman Sestak was Bribed
(video) (article)

Sestak's Statement Means a Felony Has Occurred. If Obama Involved, It's an Impeachable Crime. Dick Morris Says It's an Impeachable Offense or Sestak is Lying (an Ethics Violation)

Impeachment Can Occur If Simple House Majority is Captured by Republicans and Two-Thirds of the Senate Votes Guilty (Assumes Obama Doesn't Destroy USA by Trial's End).

Weiner Knows It and Is Starting to Panic.
Lawless Obama Regime:
Homeland Security Officers' Spending Spree
- Judge Allows Illegal Aliens to Work on Govt Property
Crony Capitalism
2nd DOJ Lawyer Resigns over Communist New Black Panther Case. Another Case of Obama Administration Refusing to Enforce the Law. 05.21.10
Obama's Thugocracy 05.21.10
Tennessee AG Says Bill Requiring Proof of Citizenship for New Voters Would Violate Federal Law 05.22.10
Krauthammer: This Administration is Lawless 05.21.10
Isn't that Obstruction of Justice?
Or is it Dereliction of Duty?
Here's How Congress is Distributing US Wealth Out of Our Country on a Massive Scale, so America can be folded into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT 05.21.10
Obama's Government is the Enemy of Law-Abiding Citizens and Crooks: Police Take No Action on Trespassing, No Penalty for Stealing and Government-Hired Sex Offenders Knock on Your Door 05.21.10
Feds vs. States on Gun Control. They Need to Take Away Our Guns in order to Take Over. 05.21.10
CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK: Fed Justice Department Removes Second Mojave Cross on Sunrise Rock. Sounds Like They Just Broke the Law of the US Supreme Court. Who Arrests The Justice Department? Us? 05.21.10
Sestak Opens Arms to White House After Accusing Team O of Illegal Job Offer 05.19.10
Obama Unscrupulously Offers Federal Judgeship 05.18.10
DOJ Voting Rights Attorney Resigns Over Black Panthers Stonewalling. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Demands to Know Why 05.18.10
Kagan Broke the Law 05.16.10
Senators Threaten to Sue Obama White House For Withholding Info on Ft. Hood Shootings 05.06.10
Tim Geithner Implicated in GM’s TARP Repayment Lie 04.27.10
Obama Fights Supreme Court Ruling 05.01.10
Obama Gives Unions a Massive Payback with Executive Order 04.30.10
Obama's Lawbreaking Pentagon 04.30.10
U.S. Army Training To Confront Tea Party ‘Terrorists’ and Put Them in Concentration Camps 04.29.10
$5 Billion for Fraud-Infested Weatherization Program 04.13.10
DOJ Appealing ACORN Funds Cut-Off 04.13.10
FBI Destroyed File on Obama’s Communist Grandfather, Journalist Discloses 04.12.10
Our Government is the Biggest Lawbreaker 04.09.10
A Government that can Kill Its Citizens Can Shut Them Up, No? 04.08.10
Top Lawmakers Exploring Patriot Act Application Against Any Right-Wing Individual or Group Posing Danger to Government Operations 04.07.10
Eric Holder Helps Illegal Alien Gangbangers Charged With Murder 04.02.10
Obama's Next Goal: His Greatest Crime 04.02.10
Obama's New Soviet-Style Capital Controls on Americans 03.31.10
Wall Street Bill (Pure Socialism) Gives Geithner Ability to Seize Any Company (Castro Doesn't Even Have These Powers) 03.30.10
Communist-Led SEIU Receiving White House Pay-Offs 03.29.10
White House Felony: Gibbs Stonewalls, But It's Gaining Traction. More 03.24.10, 03.16.10
List of Items for the GOP to Begin Investigating Once They Take Back Power 03.20.10
Eric Holder Believes Osama Bin Laden has Same Constitutional Rights as Charles Manson 03.16.10
Eric Holder's Justice Department Supports Showing CIA Interrogator Photos to Terrorists 03.15.10
Eric Holder Lied: Failed to Reveal Seven Legal Briefs 03.12.10
Eric Holder Under Fire for Padilla Brief 03.10.10
GOP Suspect: Obama Administration Broke the Law 03.10.10
INSANITY: Obama to Ban Fishing by Executive Order 03.09.10
Obama 9th Circuit Nominee: Constitution Must Adapt to Changes in the World 03.04.10
Communist Obama to Seize 10 Million Acres Without Any Community Input 03.02.10
Corrupt Eric Holder Stonewalls Congress 02.23.10
Obama's Secret Police: More on Interpol 02.22.10
White House Violated Federal Election Law 02.22.10
Update on Obama's INTERPOL Executive Order: A Host of State Legislators have Introduced "State Sovereignty" Bills Declaring Their Independence from The Federal Government 02.05.10
Obama Attempting to Take Over State National Guards to Enable Ability for Him to Implement Marshall Law 01.26.10
Obama's Executive Order for Martial Law 01.16.10
Eric Holder's Cover-Up for Marxist/Maoist Black Panthers is a Stick in the Eye to Americans 01.14.10
Explanation Officially Denied on Why Marxist/Maoist Black Panthers Get a Pass 01.14.10
Obama's Crony Corruption: 1, 2 01.14.10
Obama's Bank Tax is Unconstitutional 01.14.10
Obama Waging War on Inspector Generals 01.13.10
White House Remains Silent on Obama's Quietly Signed Executive Order that Gives INTERPOL Immunity to Seize/Arrest You at Any Time 01.07.10
Thanks to Obama: Interpol Can Knock On Your Door and Take Your Kids 01.01.10
US Attorney General Named on 2009's Top 10 Most Corrupt Policitians List 12.29.09
More on Obama's One World Police Force that Can Arrest Members of Our Military on US Soil for War Crimes and Then Put Them on Trial in Foreign Lands 12.28.09
Scary Facts on Obama's Just Signed Executive Order Giving Interpol Power... It's the Same Approach as Used by Adolph Hilter. Articles: 1, 2 12.27.09
More on Eric Holder's Black Panther Cover-Up. Note: Black Panther's are Marxist/Maoist Communists 12.27.09
Obama Just Gave INTERPOL More Rights Than the FBI and the CIA. Articles: 1, 2, 3. Could be Hiding Obama's INTERPOL Files. Time to Commence the Treason Trials. 12.23.09
Only a Special Prosecutor is Going to Bring Justice to the Justice Department 12.23.09
Corrupt Eric Holder Plans to Violate the Constitution and Take Away Your Guns. That Way You Can be Easily Herded into Concentration Camps. 12.12.09
Black Panthers Vow to Be At the Polling Booths "to Ensure the Enemy Does Not Sabatoge the Black Vote". Why did Corrupt Eric Holder Let Them Go? Because Black Panthers are Communists (Marxists/Maoists/Socialists). 12.11.09
Communist-Led Union, SEIU (who, according to records, visits Obama in the White House the Most) Admits on Film They Have Illegal Aliens as Members (1m 20s into video). Thus, Obama is and has been associating with a Criminal Organization. 12.09.09
Hillary Clinton's Pollster Gets $6 Million in Stimulus Funds and Creates 3 Jobs 12.09.09
Hawaiian Democratic Senator Says He's “Not Aware” of the Constitution Giving Congress The Authority to Make Individuals Purchase Health Insurance 11.12.09
Attorney General, Holder, to Speak at Islamic Group that Has Been Banned by the FBI 11.09.09
Unconstitutional Bank Extortion that's "Like Communism" 11.04.09
Movie: "Fall of the Republic" - Full Length Version. It's a Long Video, but contains shocking information that everyone should see -- Especially Obama's Active Work to Create a "World Governance" and "Citizen Control Initiatives". 10.23.08
Obama Stealth Plan: One World Police Force Headed by Ron Noble Who Helped Janet Reno Illegally Deploy a Tank on US Citizens and Then Burned Down the Branch Davidian Sanctuary, Cooking People Alive as a Hail of Bullets Prevented Their Exit. Wake Up, America. 10.11.08
More on "Obamacare is Unconstitutional" 10.02.09
Executive Pay Cuts are Unconstitutional 10.22.09
Obama's Justice Department Overrules Local Voters so as to Favor Democrats 10.20.09
More on the Above, Plus Black Panther Election Vote Crime, Plus History on Democrats and Black Voters and a Review of Communism 10.20.09
Obama's Justice Department Overrules Local Voters so as to Favor Democrats 10.20.09
Bail-Outs Unconstitutional 10.11.08
Illegal Healthcare Gag Order 09.23.09
Removal of GM Dealers is Unconstitutional 09.09.09
Czars (Unless Just Advising) are Unconstitutional, Plus No Security Clearances is a Very Real Issue 09.08.09
Obama's Plan for the Federal Reserve Plan is Unconstitutional 06.20.09
Obama Fires Attorney Inspector General 06.15.09

MUST READ... THIS IS NOT A JOKE... Obama Orders Americans Troops to March in Red Square Parade Complete With Posters of Stalin.. No, 1, 2, 3 03.26.10
Corrupt Eric Holder's Role in Pardoning 16 Members of the Boricua Popular Army, an Organization Categorized by the FBI as a Terrorist Organization associated with a FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive and the Robbery of $1 Million. Based in Puerto Rico, the Boricua Popular Army has received Communist Cuban funding and training and its goal is the overthrow of "American Imperialism".
Obama Exonerates CIA 04.17.09
Then Prosecutes CIA 08.25.09
Proof CIA Interrogations Halted Terrorism 08.28.09
Seven Former CIA Directors Tell Obama Not to Prosecute CIA due to National Security 09.19.09
Obama Ignores CIA Directors and Continues Witch Hunt So Commies can Gather Intelligence and Divert CIA Resources 09.21.09
John Adams Project Gives Photos of CIA Agents to Guantanemo Bay Prisoners 09.08.09
Obama/Holder Justice Officials Refuse to Be Sworn In Prior to Briefing Congress on CIA 10.08.09
Why Obama is Doing This 11.13.09
Eric Holder Nailed On His Terrorist Trial in NY Justification 11.19.09
Navy Seals Accused of Giving a Bloody Lip to a Terrorist Who Killed Americans. Their Bodies were Burned, Drug Through City and Hung from a Bridge. Photos of bodies too horrible to show. 11.24.09
US Strategic Command Base: Healthcare Barginning Chip Treason 12.16.09
Obama Just Gave INTERPOL More Rights Than the FBI and the CIA. Articles: 1, 2, 3. Could be Hiding Obama's INTERPOL Files. Time to Commence the Treason Trials. 12.23.09
Senior Lawmakers Question Obama’s Nuclear Security Goal 03.12.10
Obama Nominates Army General Counsel Who Compromised Top-Secret Counterterrorism Programs 03.25.10
Communist Led “Peace Movement” to Target US Military Budget 04.06.10
Obama Announces U.S. Military Secrets to the World 05.21.10
Obama Pledges New “International Order” at West Point 05.22.10
Pentagon Manhunt Underway Over Massive Loss of Secret Army Documents 06.11.10

Congressman John Boehner Agreed to Hand Deliver Petitions that DEMAND Obama's Resignation! Download the Documents.
- May 25 Day of Action to Stop EPA Power Grab
- Protest General Electric CEO, Jeff Immelt
- Stop Govt Telecom Power Grab in Tennessee
New Movie: Don't Tread on Me 05.18.10
The Tea Party Movie 05.10.10
Naples Tea Party Will Not "Tone It Down" 04.03.10
Rep. Steve King Calls For Velvet Revolution Against The Government to Stop ObamaCare, Just As We Have Since September 2009 03.17.10
State Telling Feds: Take Your Gun Regs and Stuff 'Em 03.12.10
Tea Party Turns "1" 02.27.08
States Sovereignty Update 02.24.10
Nut or On To Something? - You Decide:
OBAMA is a Former CIA Agent
The Columbia Obama Treason Trial (May 14-19, 2010)
Victory: Socialist Healthcare Dead. Good Thing: 63-Day Wait to See Primary Care Physician in Boston 01.21.10
Progressive Air America Radio Goes Bankrupt 01.21.10
Supreme Court: Rules in Favor of Capitalists 01.21.10
Victory: Obama's TSA Pick Withdraws 01.21.10
Glorious Defeat for the Socialist Movement – Brown Wins 01.19.10
Bottom Falls Out for Coakley in Polls. So Dems Resort to Name-Calling and SEIU is Bussed in to Massachusetts. Can this be the Massachusetts Miracle? 01.16.10
Scott Brown Surging in Polls (1, 2) as Obama Keeps His Distance, Sensing Big Loss Coming 01.15.10
Judge Napolitano's "The Constitution and Freedom": Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 01.15.10
Lt Colonel Allen West Taking No Money from Parties or Special Interests 01.12.10
Tea Partiers Plan Boycott Of Companies Sympathetic To 'Socialist Agenda' 01.04.10
New "Prosecute Obama" Campaign. Note Nancy Pelosi's Fraud in Obama Vetting Process 12.23.09
7 Attorney Generals Opening Healthcare Probes 12.23.09
GAO TO PROBE ACORN! Yes, We Do Live in America and Not Kenya! FBI Investigation Also Requested. 12.17.09
CODE RED - Tea Party Healthcare Protest 12.15.09
Kochs Fight Progressives 12.10.09
FRAUD: The Movie Trailer (in theaters soon) 12.09.09
Protesters Show Up at Capital with a "Socialist Mop" 12.08.09
Sign "Expose Global Warming Hoax" Petition
Protesters Slam Holding 9/11 Trial in N.Y. 12.05.09
Man Seeks Obama Treason Indictment 12.01.09
Al Gore Confronted on Climategate 11.29.09
Honduras Triumphs Over Obama-Backed Communists 11.28.09
A Liberal Whines About Illinois' Loyalty Oath: Take It Or The Communists Win 11.27.09
9/11 Families, Fire Fighters and Community to Protest Terrorist Trials in NYC 11.24.09
RNC Draft Resolution Opposing Obama's "Socialist" Agenda. Any Denials? Not here. 11.23.09
Glenn Beck Calls for Washington DC Event 11.23.09
A Who's Who of 145 Catholic, Pentecostal and Evangelical Church Leaders Band Together and Urge Martin Luther King Style Civil Disobedience Protests If Abortion and Other Life Issues Not Struck from the Healthcare Bill 11.20.09
"Prepare For War" Billboard 11.20.09
On-Line Game: Obama's Coup Fails 11.19.09
Obama Loses War with Fox News 11.12.09
FrontPageMag Raising Money to Expose Obama Administration Communists 11.10.09
Administrative Backing Down on Net Neutrality and Socialist Susan Crawford Resigns. 11.05.09
Bachmann Leads Protest Against Health Care Reform (See Crowd Size: 1, 2, 3) 11.05.09
University Openly Discussing "Obama the Socialist" 10.30.09
Movie: "Fall of the Republic" - Full Length Version. It's a Long Video, but contains shocking information that everyone should see -- Especially Obama's Active Work to Create a "World Governance". 10.23.08
Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall 10.15.09
ACORN in the White House 09.28.09
Fearless Navy Officer Formally Charges Obama With Treason 09.28.09
International Communist Crime Ring ACORN Being Investigated 09.19.09
Government-Funded and ACORN 09.19.09
Joe Wilson: Out of Order, but Correct. Obama Lied 09.18.09
Congress Votes to Cut Off ACORN Funding 09.18.09
Largest Government Protest in World History 09.12.09
Parents Say "No" to School Brainwashing 09.09.09
Joe Wilson to Obama: "You Lie!" 09.09.09
US Census Bureau Dumps ACORN 09.11.09
ABC Finally Shows a Non-Obama-Supporting Healthcare Report 08.01.09
Obama Caught Saying ACORN will Shape His Agenda 07.19.09
30,000 Scientists and the Weather Channel Founder to Sue Al Gore 07.05.09
Lord Monckton Explains the Global Warming Fraud 03.18.09
Jesse Ventura on the 2nd Amendment 10.19.08
Military, Reserves, National Guard, Veterans, Peace Officers and Fire Fighters Have Taken an Oath to Defend the Constitution Using Non-Violent Means

Marxist Net Neutrality: Eliminates 0.6 Million Jobs, Shrinks GDP by $80 Billion 06.30.10
FCC - 30+ Closed Door Meetings with Marxists 06.30.10
Mandated Government “ID Tokens” Use to Take Over The Internet 06.28.10
Communist Obama One Step Away from Shutting Down the Internet 06.25.10
FREE WORLD EVAPORATING: Australia Forcing Internet Users to Install Government Software 06.22.10
Deem and Pass Internet Regulation is the “Third Way” 06.22.10
Janet Napolitano: Internet Monitoring Needed to Fight Homegrown Terrorism (i.e., Tea Party Members) 06.19.10
Gov't Takeover of Internet on Fast Track... FCC Moves to Regulate Internet -- Even Though Law Calls for Internet to be 'Unfettered by Federal or State Regulation' 06.18.10
Obama's Marxists Voting to Move Forward on Take Over of the Internet: 1, 2, 3, 4 06.16.10
85% Say Freedom of the Press More Important Than Helping Newspaper Industry 06.10.10
FTC Floats Drudge Tax 06.05.10
Majority of U.S. House Opposes FCC Effort to Reclassify Broadband 06.03.10
Bill Would Give Homeland Security Emergency Cyber Powers 06.02.10
Groups Want FCC to Police "Hate Speech" on Talk Radio, Cable News Networks 06.02.10
Congressional Democrats Moving to Give Federal Election Commission Unprecedented Power to Regulate Political Speech Online. George Soros' funded Brennan Center is a Strong Supporter. 05.20.10
Will Journalists Wake Up in Time to Save Journalism from Obama's FTC? See the FTC's Working Paper 05.29.10
Net Neutrality is Taking a Pounding 05.28.10
Head of Marxist-Led Institute Joins Obama Team 05.28.10
BLOGGERS: They're Coming for Us 05.28.10
Even Dems Against FCC 05.24.10
Obamacrats Push Bill That Could Regulate Political Free Speech of Bloggers 05.19.10
Net Neutrality Move Already Hurting Industry 05.11.10
FCC: Goes for the Nuclear Option
FCC: Claims Power Over Internet Providers
FCC: Back-Dooring Net Neutrality
Obama's Marxist Internet Czar. Shake Up Within Net Neutrality Org with Ties to Socialist Congressman Markey. Current FCC Plans for Net Neutrality. More here 05.06.10
SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/ANARCHIST OF THE DAY: Noam Chomsky, an Authors@Google Guest Speaker 04.15.10
- Bill Gates and George Soros
- Google and George Soros
- Google is Training Its Employees to be Socialists
- Al Gore is Special Advisor to Google's CEO
- George Soros: $32 Million Invested in Apple
- Apple is Promoting George Soros' Socialism
- Google's CEO Used to be on Apple's Board
- Nancy Pelosi's Husband Owns 1 Million Shares of Apple
- Al Gore is on Apple's Board
- Apple Boycotts Glenn Beck, Promotes Che Guevara
Socialist Google to Choose Your News 04.12.10
Obama's Google Deleting Me? 04.11.10
FCC Pushes Forward with Marxist Broadband Agenda 04.09.10
How Dems Plan to Steal Internet Freedom 04.08.10
FCC Denied Power to Regulate Internet Neutrality. BUT WAIT! They're Going to Regulate It Like a Utility to Achieve Same Goal. 04.06.10
Obama Plans to TAX THE INTERNET 04.02.10
FCC Advisor Wants Government-Funded Propaganda 03.31.10
Dangerous Net Neutrality and a National Broadband Plans Picking Up Steam. It's all about Complete Government Gontrol of the Internet 03.26.10
Want to Bet There's Something Diabolical Hidden in This?: FCC’s Broadband Plan Sets Groundwork for National Smart Grid 03.25.10
Google to Leave China 03.12.10
A Design to Survive a Nuclear War "Isn't Good Enough". Now We're One Major Event Away from Total Internet Restriction 03.05.10
The Obama Plan: Increase Internet Monitoring 03.04.10
Senate Extends Patriot Act and White House Creates Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative 03.02.10, 02.28.10
Obama to Control Internet During "An Emergency" 02.26.08
Net Neutrality Update 02.24.10
Net Neutrality: Why It Must Be Stopped! Obama Speaking with Google. More on FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and his socialist agenda. 02.15.10
Feds Now Monitoring Your Tweets 02.13.10
Obama Now Wants Unfettered Access to Your Cell Phone Records and Internet Use because You Have “No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy” (scroll down to article) 02.12.10
Marxist Obama is Taking Over the Internet 02.07.10
The FBI Wants: Your Internet Surfing Trail 02.06.10
Police Want Back Door to Web Users' Private Data 02.03.10
Obama Surrendering Internet to Foreign Powers 01.31.10
Russia and US Working Together on Internet Security. Is this how they plan to cut off our internet? 12.12.09
Obama's Internet Control Hierarchy (complete with diagram) 11.25.09
Obama Giving Away US Oversight of the Internet 09.30.09
White House Collecting Information on Our Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Without Our Consent 09.16.09
Obama's FCC Diversity Czar Likes the Venezuelan Model 08.30.09
The Internet's Decentralized Architecture is Designed to Thwart Attack. Yet Obama Wants Ability to Shut Down the Internet during an Undefined Emergency ("Never waste a crisis.") 08.28.09
White House Targeting Private Citizens 08.24.09
White House "Snitch" Web Site 08.17.09
Obama Wants to Eliminate Ban on Internet Tracking 08.11.09

The Next Bailout: $165 Billion for Unions 05.24.10
Obama will be able to Seize Companies and we have "Sell Out to Socialism" Scott Brown to Thank for It 05.22.10
Marxist Robert Reich Urges Obama to Execute Government Take Over of BP 06.01.10
GOVERNMENT MOTORS LIES: Their Commercial, The $7 Billion Lie, and The Shell Game 05.01.10
Student Loan Takeover Adds $52 Billion to Deficit and 35,000 People Will Lose Their Private Industry Jobs 03.31.10
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Issues Extreme Warnings on More Bankruptcies, New Massive Government Takeovers, and ACORN Steering our Financial Services System. Says New Barney Frank Bill to Give Obama Dictatorial Powers that can Kill Capitalism. 12.13.09
Subways and Light Rail Regulation Takeover 11.15.09
Cap and Trade - Coal Industry Bankrupting 1, 2 (Coal Provides Over 50% of US's Energy) 11.02.08
Proposed Failing Newspaper Bailouts 09.22.09
Obama's Play for the End of World Capitalism 09.20.09
Published Communist Takeover Plan for America 09.19.09
Banking System Takeover 09.19.09
Wall Street Pay Fed Takeover 09.19.09
Bill to Give Fed More Power 09.19.09
Auto Industry Takeover (a true demonstration of Gangster Government) 09.19.09
Healthcare Industry Takeover 09.19.09
Student Loan Takeover 09.19.09

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Like Yuri said: 'It's not James Bond... It's all right out there in the open."

Wake Up, America! Commies are Running Our Country and It's Time to Get Rid of Them Now!

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