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Acorn CEO bertha lewis mccarthyism
ACORN's CEO, Bertha Lewis Claims It's:


(Spoken like a true Communist, Bertha!)

SCOTUS Ruling Could Cost AFSCME, SEIU Tens of $Millions 06.30.14
SEIU Member Freaks Union Out with Transparency Lawsuit 06.27.14
Illinois Threatens to Fire Mom-Caregiver and Replace with SEIU-State Labor Thugs 06.26.14
Michigan SEIU Loses 80% of Its Members 05.08.14
Obama's New Pardon Czar Funded ACORN 04.27.14
Media Matters Resisting SEIU Unionatizion 04.22.14
SEIU Joining OSHA in Inspecting Non-Union Businesses 03.22.14
SEIU Hit with Michigan's 2nd-Biggest Campaign Finance Fine 03.17.14
Choice: Hire SEIU or Pay Higher Wages 02.19.14
SEIU Racks Up $Millions in Forced Unionization Dues 01.21.14
$1.7 Million in Taxes Going to Union Front Group, ACORN Astroturfing #FastFoodStrikers Protest 12.06.13
SEIU/ACORN's Fast Food Protest: Epic Fail 12.05.13
Eric Holder Deal to Fund ACORN Risks Mortgage Crisis 12.04.13
Fast-food Protestors Really a Front for SEIU and ACORN 12.03.13
Obama's SEIU Thugs to Impede Christmas Travel 11.13.13
Baned Socialist Crime Organization ACORN Still Advising Team Obama 10.16.13
SEIU Strikes Over Obamacare-Related Cuts 09.26.13
New York City Mayor: The Socialist ACORN Candidate 09.16.13
Top ACORN Lobbyist Running Obamacare Video Contest 08.19.13
Despite Federal Ban, Obama Giving $200,000 Housing Grant to Rebrand ACORN Affiliate 08.16.13
SEIU Leader Boasts Union Has Illegal Alien Members 08.15.13
GOP Amnesty Traitors Supporting SEIU's Marxist Plan 07.30.13
Nursing Home Nightmare: Communist SEIU Labor Union 02.25.13
Former L.A. SEIU President Convicted of Embezzlement 01.29.13
Communist Union, SEIU Poured $Millions into Fighting Voter ID Laws 12.03.12
Communist ACORN Org Still Pushing Obama's Agenda 11.23.12
- Asks Members to Sign Fake Names on Petitions
- Causes Riot in Newark City Hall Meeting
Ex-SEIU Organizer: I Was ‘Required’ to Do ‘Political Work’ 10.30.12
Obama's Favorite Communist Union, SEIU, Pays Protesters $11/hr to Protest at Romney Rally 09.27.12
DNC Literally $8 Million in Hock to SEIU 09.21.12
ACORN: Major Embezzlement Scheme 09.16.12
174 ACORN Organizations Rebranded and Still Exist 08.22.12
Convicted Voter Fraud Communist Orgs, ACORN and NAACP Mail Out Half Million Voter Registration Letters to Welfare Recepients 08.08.12
ACORN Whistleblower Describes Obama's Crimes 07.30.12
SEIU Vandalizes, Sabotages Nursing Home 07.22.12
SEIU Subpoenaed in Milwaukee Vote Fraud Investigation 07.16.12
Former ACORN Director Gets $445 Mil from U.S. Treasury 06.08.12
SEIU Admits Using Occupy to Redistribute Wealth, Power 03.19.12
Frequent WH Visitor, Occupy, SEIU Uniting to Abolish Capitalism ...Watch Shocking Andy Breitbart Video at Bottom 03.04.12
Media Matters, ACORN, MoveOn All Same Thing 02.17.12
ACORN: Alive & Well, Ready for Voter Fraud 02.16.12
Judicial Watch Film to Expose Solyndra, ACORN Crooks 02.10.12
ACORN Ramps Up White House Visitations 12.24.11
SEIU Job Description: Train & Lead Members to Occupy State Buildings & Takeover Banks 12.17.11
Most Frequent White House Visitor, Andy Stern Advocates Communist Chinese Central Planning 12.05.11
Obama's Most Frequent White House Visitor Andy Stern Says Throw 'Free-Market Onto the Trash Heap of History' 12.01.11
HUD Lied and Gave $700,000 to ACORN 11.28.11
Socialist Bertha Lewis Admits to Dirty Tricks She Used as an Organizer 11.23.11
SEIU Busted Stealing $6 Million a Year 11.16.11
Soros, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Unions, Occupy Shutting Down Wall Street Today 11.14.11
SEIU - Skimming Off The Top 11.10.11
Issa Calls for Probe into ACORN's Role in Occupy 11.07.11
Email Confirms: ACORN Driving Occupy’s Next Assault on Banks 10.26.11
Usurper Using His Twitter Account to Sell SEIU Swag 10.14.11
Researchers Hack Voting Machine for $26 10.01.11
Obama Hands Out $730,000 to ACORN Spinoffs - Actually Paid 3X More 09.24.11
CASA de Maryland: The Illegals’ ACORN 09.20.11
Socialist ACORN-Affiliated Group Gets $300,000 More in Taxpayer Money 09.16.11
Obama Names New Voter Initiative After Voter Fraudsters, ACORN 08.30.11
ACORN FINED! Listen to the Judge 08.20.11
SEIU Thugs Take Over OneWest Bank Headquarters 08.18.11
SEIU, ACORN Founders -> Day of Rage Aimed at Wall St. 08.16.11
PROOF: AFL-CIO, SEIU and Democratic PAC Funds are Going to the Communist Party USA 08.16.11
SEIU Puts "Hood" Back in Planned Parenthood 08.15.11
Judge Maximum Fines ACORN for Election Fraud - Wanted Prison Term - Obama Supported ACORN His Whole Career 08.10.11
Communist SEIU's 70-Page Intimidation Manual 07.18.11
Gladney Trial - Scam! 07.14.11
SEIU Thugs Cleared in Brutal Gladney Beatdown 07.12.11
Obama Illegally Gave ACORN Groups $541K This Year, Not $80K 07.11.11
Supreme Court Denies ACORN Appeal 06.20.11
Gov't Taking Their Time Cutting Off ACORN Funding 06.17.11
Commie Islamic Congressman Ellison Defends ACORN 06.13.11
SEIU Plans to Infiltrate Republican Party 06.11.11
GOP Votes to Defund Obama’s Radical Socialist ACORN Army 06.06.11
Congress May Investigate ACORN - Communist Congressman Nadler is Dirty 05.23.11
Housing and Urban Development Secretary's Intimate Ties to ACORN 05.22.11
ACORN'S BACK - Just in Time for Obama Voter Fraud 05.18.11
18 Socialist Organizations - Some Old ACORN - Combined 05.18.11
Surprise! Obama’s ACORN Thugs - Alive and Preparing for 2012 05.16.11
Ex-ACORN Leader's New Communist Venture 05.15.11
ACORN's Violent Ties to Communist Saul Alinsky 05.15.11
Communist ACORN Head Bertha Lewis Leads ‘Church’ in Singing ‘Walmart Sucks’ - Rev. Wright Redux 05.12.11
ACORN is Back in Maryland 05.12.11
New Investigative Book on ACORN: Obama Dedicated to Urban Terrorist/Crime Organization Set on Collapsing America 05.05.11
ACORN Busy Working in Obama's "Home Country" 04.28.11
George Soros Funds Communist Orgs: La Raza, ACORN 04.26.11
Budget Deal Funds ACORN Wannabe Groups 04.14.11
Violent SEIU Mob Arrested after Gang Rushing State Troopers in WA State House - Turn Capital into Bunk House 04.10.11
Communist Senator Who Wanted to Fund ACORN Sees No Gov't Waste 04.09.11
ACORN Takes Over Entire Village in NY to Destroy Chase Bank 04.09.11
SEIU Thugs Arrested in Washington After Shoving State Troopers at Governor’s Office 04.08.11
ACORN Pleads Guilty in Voter Fraud Case 04.06.11
Radical (Destroy the US Economy) Communist Joins Forces with SEIU for "Teach-In" 03.31.11
ACORN RETURNS! Sets up Shop Internationally in Egypt, South Korea, and Prague. More here 03.27.11
Obama/SEIU: Amnesty Ensures 'Progressive Rule' 03.26.11
GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Demands Holder Investigate SEIU Official’s “Terrorist Plans” to Bring Down Banks - Don't Hold Your Breath, Holder's Working with Them 03.23.11
Activist Wisconsin Judge's Son is SEIU & AFL-CIO Activist 03.20.11
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obama's SEIU Hit with
Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act Lawsuit
Good Job, Sodexo!!
Police Called Out on SEIU Mob 03.19.11
SEIU Goons Sing “Take The Bastards Down, Smash Them to The Ground!" 02.23.11
SEIU Spending Tens of Millions to Recruit Minority Army to Push Obama Agenda at Town Halls 02.11.11
ACORN Sprouting Fresh Branches 02.10.11
ACORN Arm Caught in Voter Fraud Again 01.31.11
SEIU Working with Hamas and FARC 01.27.11
ACORN is Back in NYC. Here' Their New Scam 01.25.11
3 SEIU Locals Get Obamacare Waivers 01.24.11
DNC Picks Former ACORN Operative and SEIU Executive as Their New Executive Director 01.20.11
ACORN Submit 400,000 Bogus Voter Registrations - Guilty Party Gets No Jail Time 01.12.11
Another Guilty Plea by ACORN Worker 01.10.11
Citibank, ACORN and La Raza 01.10.11
ACORN Whistleblower Announces New Houston Tea Party 01.06.11
The Key to Beating Obama in 2012 is ACORN. Here's the Video of Obama's ACORN Lie 12.28.10
Nevada ACORN Supervisor Convicted for Election Fraud 12.17.10
Socialist ACORN CEO Says, “Glenn Beck is My Boyfriend" …Had "Congress With the Corpse" 12.09.10
Congressman King on Investigations: ACORN First, Then Soros 12.06.10
DHS: ACORN Should Not Have Received Fire Grant 12.02.10
Advanced Copy of Inspector General's Report Detailing ACORN Fraud 12.01.10
ObamaCare Causes SEIU to Drop Health Insurance Coverage for 6,000 Kids 11.27.10
18 Former ACORN Workers Convicted or Admitted Guilt in Election Fraud 11.26.10
MN Congressman Al Franken and His Friends: Minnesota Communist Party USA; George Soros; Code Pink; Mark Ritchie; Soros-funded, Pro-Palestinian J Street Advisory Council; New Party; Soros-funded, Institute for Policy Studies; Students for a Democratic Society; ACORN; Working Families Party; Soros-funded Tides Center; Weatherman; Communists Van Jones and Jeff Jones; and Many More Communists, Socialists and Marxists. 11.25.10
ACORN Affiliate Misspends Over $3 Million of HUD Money 11.23.10
Number of ACORN Employees Convicted of Voter Fraud This Year: 15 and Counting 11.23.10
ACORN Worker Sentenced to 10 Months for Election Fraud 11.23.10
ACORN’s ‘Texas for Obama’ Labor Ally Could Provide Cover to Rebuild Discredited Organization 11.20.10
ACORN Member Pleads Guilty in Allegheny County 11.19.10
ACORN Worker Sentenced to 10 Months in Jail for Vote Fraud in Wisconsin 11.19.10
Did SEIU Steal the Election for Harry Reid? 11.11.10
Auditor: ACORN Owes Government $3.2 Million 11.09.10
ACORN's Latest Trick 11.07.10
ACORN Protests in India 11.07.10
ACORN Bankruptcy a Hoax 11.05.10
ACORN, Affiliates Owe Pennsylvania $750,000 11.04.10
ACORN Files for Bankruptcy 11.03.10
ACORN Aiding Sestak 10.31.10
Socialist Congressman Alan Grayson's Campaign Manager is a Former ACORN Lobbyist and Political Director 10.30.10
ACORN Rises from The Dead: Being Run by Woman Under Indictment for Voter Fraud in Nevada 10.26.10
Department of Social Justice Funds ACORN 10.24.10
Pledge of Allegiance Denier at League of Women Voters is Ex-ACORN Worker 10.24.10
Tis' the Season for Democrat Voter Fraud:
- SEIU Offshoot Caught with 6,000 Bogus CO Voter Registrations
- Illegal Aliens Canvas for Democrat Votes in WA
- SEIU Offshoot Commits AZ Voter Fraud for Communist Congressman Raul Grijalva
It's a Party of Criminals
DSA Celebrates New Book on "ACORN's Kick-Ass Activism" 10.19.10
Communist-Led SEIU Spends $200,000 Attacking Key Republicans and $1.3 Million since September 10.17.10
Another ACORN Employee Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud 10.16.10
Self-Described Communist, Who was Executive Director at the Organized Crime Syndicate, ACORN, Now Senior Fellow at John Podesta‘s Center for American Progress 10.13.10
Angry CommieBlaster Housewife Gives SEIU Taste of Their Own Medicine 10.11.10
Chicago-Style Gangsters Running Our Government with the Help of Communist ACORN Organization 10.03.10
The Connection Between SEIU and Terrorists in the Middle East, FARC, White House, More... 10.02.10
Yet Another SEIU Lawyer is Appointed by Obama 09.30.10
HUD May Require ACORN Spinoff to Reimburse Taxpayer Money 09.29.10
FBI Raids SEIU Leader's Home in International Terrorism Sweep 09.28.10
SEIU Takes Over ACORN Vote-Fraud Duties. More here 09.25.10
Massive Voter Fraud in Houston – SEIU Involvement 09.25.10
ACORN/HUD: Grant Scams 09.23.10
SEIU Openly Supporting 10/02/10 Democratic Socialist Protest and It's Communist Agenda 09.18.10
Thanks to ACORN/Soros: Rampant Voter Fraud
(watch the video)
SEIU’s Illegal Fund-Raising Scheme 09.07.10
TX State Representative Kristi Thibaut Works for ACORN 09.01.10
Radicals, Marxists, SEIU Thugs, the NAACP & Al Sharpton Plan Separate Rally to Confront Tea Party Patriots 08.26.10
DSA Marxists Strengthen Grip on SEIU 08.27.10
ACORN Rising from the Ashes as "Affordable Housing Centers", "MORE" and "Project Vote" 08.26.10
Another ACORN Worker Pleads Guilty to Election Fraud 08.24.10
ACORN Facts Obama Doesn’t Want You to Connect 08.16.10
Court Upholds Congress Ban on Funding ACORN 08.13.10
New ACORN Name: "ACCE" 08.12.10
Obama Adviser and SEIU VP Eliseo Medina: Exploiting Immigrants for Socialist Power 07.27.10
GAO: 'ACORN Youth Union’ Chapters Funded by DOJ 07.18.10
Ex-ACORN, Anita MonCrief to FILE FEC CHARGES AGAINST OBAMA Administration for Campaign’s Illegal Coordination with ACORN during 2008 Election. She's Published the Obama Donor List Obama's been Hiding. Note: ACORN is an International Criminal Communist Organization. Here's Anita's New Web Site 07.23.10
Communists Leading Missouri ACORN 07.22.10
Obama's Communist ACORN Organization Assaults Chase Bank 07.21.10
Nevada: Criminal Prosecution of ACORN for Voter Fraud 07.20.10
AFSCME Embezzled $180,000 Intended for ACORN Affiliate 06.26.10
Wade Rathke Cheers ACORN Morphing. Says We Need ACORN. 06.23.10
ACORN’s American Institute for Social Justice 06.20.10
World Socialist Web Site Explains Obama/BP Meeting's True Objectives 06.18.10
Man Who Escaped Communist Russia Says We Should Buy Shortwave Radios 06.18.10
US Justice Department Funded Socialist, Criminal ACORN. Go Here to See Corrupt Eric Holder and Other Dems Giving Thumbs Up at ACORN Rally 06.18.10
ACORN: Organized Crime Syndicate 06.11.10
Workers Tell FBI ACORN Deliberately Promote Election Fraud 06.10.10
New FBI Documents: ACORN HQ Working for Democratic Party 06.09.10
ACORN Rebuilds 06.09.10
Andy Stern: Commie Talking 06.07.10
Communist Party USA Honors SEIU & AFSCME Leaders 06.06.10
SEIU's Communist Behavior: Actions Confirm Words 05.22.10
Radical Leftist Catholic Charity Keeps Funding ACORN Wannabe Groups 06.04.10
SEIU - Strikes American Red Cross 06.04.10
No Surprise: News Executive Leaving ABC to Work for Communist-Led SEIU 06.04.10
Newly Conservative Lesbian and Ex-ACORN Worker Exposes ACORN’s "Stealth Socialism" 05.29.10
Obama's Allies, SEIU and MoveOn Want American Flags Banned in Schools 05.26.10
EXCELLENT RESEARCH: Obama, ACORN and Stealth Socialism: Dire Domestic Threat - Author Now Regrets Voting for Obama 05.28.10
Senate Candidate, Alexi Giannoulias: Linked to SEIU, ACORN, Blagojevich 05.28.10
HEAD START SCANDAL on Par With ACORN’s Antics 05.26.10
Documentary Film Claims ACORN Stole 2008 Election for Obama (Part 1) 05.26.10
Socialist ACORN Nut, Bertha Lewis Arrested at Immigration Protest. More 05.25.10
Nation Magazine Editor, Christopher Hayes: Cheerleader for SEIU Thuggery on Microsoft NBC. Nation Magazine is Thoroughly Infiltrated by Communists. 05.23.10
Cuomo (Clinton Administration) Admits Policy of "Bank Affirmative Action" (tied to ACORN) that Caused the Sub-Prime Loan Crisis. Now He's Running for NY Governor. 10.09.08
DC Cops in Cahoots with SEIU Thugs 05.21.10
After Getting $10 Billion, Communist-Led SEIU will Spend $100 Million to Keep Dems in Office 05.21.10
Grand Jury Expected for ACORN and Nevada ACORN Trial Delayed until after Election, while Obama Administration is Promoting ACORN in India. ACORN is an International Criminal Conspiracy 05.20.10
Anonymous Donors, Liberal Foundations and Labor Unions Fueling Renamed ACORN 05.18.10
Your Tax Money is Going to Obama's International Criminal Conspiracy, ACORN, to Defend Socialism in India. 05.17.10
SEIU Goon Squad Storms Home of Bank Lobbyist 05.16.10
Communists from SEIU and AFL-CIO are Shutting Down Wash DC's K Street on May 17 to Imitidate Bank Lobbyists 05.15.10
ACORN Lobbying HUD While HUD Investigates ACORN 05.13.10
New SEIU President (same ol' Communist approaches) 05.09.10
ACORN Challenges State Law Barring Quotas to Pay Workers in Voter Registration Drives 04.30.10
ACORN LOSES Court Challenge Over Its Financing!! Supreme Court Refuses to Throw Out Federal Appellate Court Decision! 04.23.10
Glenn Beck Gets Back to Exposing Socialists: Part 1 - Bertha Lewis, Morphing ACORN; Part 2 - Bertha Lewis, SEIU, Kenneth Gladney; Part 3 - NAZI's, Communists, Gov't Regulation Contest; Part 4 - Global Warming School Indoctrination; Cass Sustein 04.22.10
Appeals Court Temporarily Reinstates ACORN Funding Ban 04.21.10
SEIU’s All-Out War Against Sodexo 04.21.10
SEIU Socialist Worked Inside G.O.P. 04.19.10
Greenlining Institute: Another ACORN-Like Menace 04.17.10
Communist Actor, Danny Glover Arrested at SEIU Rally 04.16.10
SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST OF THE DAY: Gerry Hudson, SEIU Executive VP 04.14.10
Obama's SEIU-Man-in-the-White-House was on SEIU Payroll 04.13.10
SEIU: Executive Pay 04.12.10
SOMETHING'S UP... Evidenced by Changes Happening in Obama's Communist/Progressive Team: Andy Stern Retiring and Gibbs Eyes Strategist Role 04.12.10
SEIU Wrecklessly, Falsely Playing the Race Card 04.10.10
IT'S WAR!: SEIU Starting Third Party In North Carolina 04.09.10
ACORN To Continue Operations under Allied Organizations 04.08.10
Obama's Next Goal: His Greatest Crime 04.02.10
"MoonBeam" Jerry Brown Clears ACORN of Criminal Activity in California, Proving He is Corrupt. Of Course, We Knew All Along Jerry Would Clear ACORN. 04.02.10
Georgia Attorney General Refuses to Join Health Reform LawSuit. Why? He's Tied to ACORN. Impeach Him Now! 04.02.10
Republican Charlie Crist Worked with Acorn to Give Felons Voting Rights 03.28.10
NLRB Obama Pick, Craig Becker, SEIU and ACORN 03.26.10
Charles Schumer, Luis Gutierrez, Maxine Waters and ACORN 03.20.10
ACORN CEO: ACORN 'Isn't Dead Yet' 03.23.10
ACORN Communist, Bertha Lewis Seems Obsessed with "McCarthy". Hey, Bertha, We're Just Here to Help. 03.24.10
ACORN To Disband. But they will Rebrand and Continue Voter Fraud Under Obama's Support. 03.22.10
ACORN: Almost Bankrupt. So Obama: Fully Funds Them. 03.21.10
ACORN Funding Turned Back On to Create Fraud Votes 03.19.10
ACORN’s Maryland Chapter Ceases Operations 03.16.10
ACORN Lawsuit Against O'Keefe, Giles, and Breitbart Dismissed 03.12.10
ACORN Closes Its Doors in Ohio and Won't Return 03.11.10
Obama Justice Department Shut Down Federal ACORN Investigation 03.11.10
Clinton-Appointed NYC Judge Says: Govt Must Stop Blocking ACORN Money 03.10.10
ACORN Registration Wisconsin Workers Charged With Felony Voter Fraud 03.08.10
ACORN Rises from the Dead (scroll down) 03.08.10
Intertwined: Tides Foundation / ACORN / Working Families Party 03.06.10
Why the ACORN 8 Protect Obama and Lie to Conservatives 03.04.10
Court Date Set for Kenneth Gladney Beatdown Case 03.03.10
SHAM JUSTICE - ACORN and Working Families Party Member and District Attorney: Let's ACORN Off for Child Prostitution Tapes 02.26.10
What Happened to That ACORN Investigation Jerry Brown Promised? 03.01.08
ACORN's Organizing Model 02.26.08
Obama Names Communist SEIU Labor Leader, Andy Stern to Fiscal Commission 02.26.08
ACORN Leaders Attempting Stealth Consolidation 02.25.10
ACORN Bankrupt Soon: Spinoff Groups will Carry On Corruption 02.24.10
Obama, ACORN and SEIU 02.23.10
SEIU & ACORN: Criminal Conspiracy 02.23.10
ACORN Crime Family Shutting Down Nationwide: Launching Renaming Effort 02.22.10
Congressman Steve King: ACORN 02.22.10
Huh? Alleged ACORN Vote Ballot Stuffer Says He's a Transvestite 02.20.10
Obama Caught in ACORN Lie 02.20.10
ACORN Friendly Obama Pick Thinks Communist Terrorist Bomber is Upstanding Citizen, Worthy of Accolades (scroll down) 02.18.10
ACORN Hit with New Report Alleging Misconduct. More here: 1, 2 02.18.10
Legal Troubles Force ACORN’s Lewis Out of Working Families Party Post 02.18.10
ACORN Funder Confirmed as Head of Corporation for National and Community Servic. More here (scroll down). 02.16.10
SEIU Meets with Communist Party USA Vice Chair (with Obama Photo in Background) to Flay Tea Party. Vice Chair Calls Tea Party Racist and Says They're Taking Country Back to Reagan or Worse 02.11.10
Frances Fox Piven: ACORN-style Mass Movement May Deepen Foreclosure Crisis, Forcing Government & Banks to Address Homeownership Rights 02.10.10
ACORN's Bertha Lewis: May Face Perjury Charges 02.07.10
Obama is Stacking the Deck at the NLRB with his ACORN/SEIU/AFL-CIO Lawyer Buddy. You definitely need to play the video on this page. 02.05.10
$4 Billion in Obama's Budget for ACORN 02.02.10
Senate Kills Amendment Blocking ACORN From Receiving Funding in Obama Youth Brigades Bill 01.31.10
Republican Beth Coulson: Taking Money from SEIU/ACORN and Unions 01.30.10
SEIU is Marxist-Led 01.29.10
SEIU Attacks Tea Party 01.29.10
Dems Resisting Efforts in South Carolina to Prevent Voter Fraud 01.27.10
Not All SEIU are Bad 01.16.10
Another Voter Fraud Scheme from SEIU/ACORN: Working Families Party (WFP) on Trial 01.15.10
ACORN’s North Carolina Web 01.16.10
BBB Citizens Warning about ACORN and 2010 Census 01.09.10
ACORN on Steroids: Automatic Voter Registration 01.08.10
Bailed Out Citigroup Won’t Rule Out Giving More Money to ACORN 01.08.10
28 More White House Visits by SEIU Communist, Andy Stern. ACORN Communist, Bertha Lewis, also Visited. More on ACORN, SEIU, Stern and Lewis here. 12.30.09
Obama Created Risky Bank Loans as ACORN Attorney 12.25.09
Commie Conyers Whitewashes ACORN 12.22.09
ACORN Eligible for Healthcare Funding 12.21.09
GAO Opens ACORN Probe 12.17.09
GAO TO PROBE ACORN! Yes, We Do Live in America and Not Kenya! 12.17.09
SEIU's Andy Stern's Girl Friend Attacks Joe Lieberman's Wife (7m 57s into video) 12.16.09
Beck Names Names on "Fat Cat" Communists, Crooks and Liars 12.16.09
Democrat Introduces (Communist-Led) SEIU-Backed Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill - What Ever Happened to "Anti-Government Conflict of Interest" Laws? 12.15.09
Marxist Clique of Communists Behind Healthcare - Clique Led By Obama's Friend. Their Mutual Friend is Bill Ayers. SEIU Involved. 12.16.09
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Issues Extreme Warnings on More Bankruptcies, New Massive Government Takeovers, and ACORN Steering our Financial Services System. Says New Barney Frank Bill to Give Obama Dictatorial Powers that can Kill Capitalism. 12.13.09
Clinton-Appointed (Chicago-born) NY Judge Blocks ACORN Funding Ban. By Controlling US Courts and Congress, Obama is Now Officially Ruling America. 2010 and 2012 Election Fraud Expected on a Wide Scale. 12.11.09
Trash Dump Reveals ACORN Tied to 28 Major Financial Institutions. Home Loan Data Used as Recruiting Tool by ACORN, ACORN Paid by Citigroup for Phone Numbers. 12.10.09
Bertha Lewis Lies 12.10.09
Enabling ACORN's Comeback 12.10.09
SEIU is Steering the US Department of Labor and Healthcare. 90 New Pro-Union Regulations Planned. Part 2, SEIU's World Plan. Part 3, SEIU VP Admits to Illegal Alien Members (VP is a Member of the Democratic Socialists of America) 12.09.09
Bachmann: ACORN Could Regulate the Financial Sector 12.09.09
Glenn Beck Exposes ACORN Ties to George Soros and a Whole Laundry List of Funders and Communist Organizations 12.08.09
ACORN Finds ACORN Not Guilty 12.08.09
CNN (Communist News Network) Reports ACORN's Own Internal Investigation as if it was a "Real Investigation". Thus, CNN is Complicit. 12.08.09
ACORN Finds ACORN Not Guilty 12.07.09
Gladny SEIU Assault Case Petitioned 12.07.09
ACORN - Soros and Colorado's Secretary of State 12.06.09
ACORN - 20-Year History Leading to Mortgage Crisis 12.06.09
Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders Stalls Renomination of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke 12.03.09
ACORN = SEIU = Healthcare for America Now 12.03.09
ACORN = Project Vote. $Millions of Taxpayer Money Funneled to Democratic Causes 12.03.09
Congressman Nadler Again Defends ACORN. Looks Like Nadler is Dirty. 12.03.09
New White House Counsel (Husband of Maoist Anita Dunn) was ACORN Defender 12.03.09
Damning ACORN Documentation 12.02.09
ACORN Dispersing Resources to SEIU and Liberal Groups 12.02.09
ACORN Accused of Scamming Verizon out of $1/2 Million 12.02.09
Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita Testifies on ACORN. More Details -> Here (scroll halfway down page) 12.02.09
ACORN Forum Highlights Video 12.01.09
Obama Blocking ACORN Probe 12.01.09
Rep. Darrell Issa: "ACORN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party". Call Made for Special Prosecutor 12.01.09
Eric Holder Won’t Investigate His Radical Friends at ACORN 11.30.09
NBC Used Same Technique as James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles 11.30.09
ACORNgate 11.30.09
Working Families Party and NYOSCI Tied to ACORN 11.29.09
ACORN Transforming 11.28.09
Jerry Brown on ACORN 11.27.09
Eric Holder Enables ACORN to Receive Pay for Pre-Ban Contracts. Also Says: Can Continue With Existing Contracts 11.27.09
Bay Area ACORN Losing Funding and Lays Off 2/3rds of Staff 11.27.09
Ex-ACORN Employee Talks 11.27.09
ACORN Behind Speed Traps and Speed Bumps 11.26.09
SEIU Thugs Finally Charged (After Glenn Beck Exposed Delays on Fox News). Then County Prosecutors Downgrade Charges without Checking Medical Record in Gladney Case. 11.25.09, 12.01.09
ACORN Member, Roseanne Barr Says ACORN Got Obama Elected 11.25.09
ACORN Housing Laying Off 240 People 11.25.09
(Dis)Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America and SEIU Obama Buddy, Eliseo Medina, Tied to ACORN (Note Involvement of Henry Cisneros, Former Mayor of San Antonio and Secretary of HUD. More on corrupt Cisneros: 1, 2) 11.24.09
Communist Congressmen (Conyers, Nadler) Blocking ACORN Investigation 11.23.09
ACORN Dumps Incriminating Documents as California Probe Begins 11.23.09
ACORN Official Gets 3 Years Probation in Exchange for Being a Key Witness 11.23.09
Demand for Ohio ACORN Voter Fraud Probe 11.22.09
Missouri Taxpayers Fund ACORN And SEIU Organizers For 911 Project 11.20.09
Lots More ACORN Tapes Yet to Show Unless Eric Holder Investigates ACORN. See Article that Shows a Conspiratorial Media. 11.20.09
ACORN Mismanaged $200,000 of DOJ Funding 11.20.09
New Undercover ACORN Videos in LA: 1, 2 11.19.09
ACORN and Communists 11.19.09
Hoffman Claims ACORN Tampering in NY Election 11.19.09
Senate Approves ACORN/Abortion Radical Judge David Hamilton 11.19.09
Citigroup Eyes ACORN Investment 11.19.09
ACORN RoboCall Proves Internal Review is a Scam 11.18.09
Obama's ACORN-Affiliated Judge Nominee 11.17.09
Undercover Video of ACORN Employee of the Year
ACORN - $2.3 Million in Overdue Taxes
ACORN May Be Nearing Bankruptcy
Obama Appoints New White House Counsel (Husband of Maoist Anita Dunn) to Protect Obama from the ACORN Scandal
ACORN Shutting Offices, New Audio Tapes Describes "The Fix Was In" for Obama on Voter Registrations and More ACORN Ties to Obama and Andy Stern 11.13.09
ACORN Sues Congress for Cutting Off Its Funding. Commie Congressman Jerrod Nadler (NY) brings up "McCarthy" in His Defense of ACORN
ACORN's Role in the Housing Bubble and the Recession
NY Gov. Paterson Stalling Release of ACORN Report 11.10.09
Democrat Losses Election Due to ACORN and Then Sues Their Spokesman for $1 Million 11.10.09
ACORN Funding Sources ($Millions) include George Soros 11.10.09
Citicorp Pulls Out of Sham ACORN Panel. See Who Else is On This Panel. 11.10.09
IRS Nixes ACORN 11.10.09
Audio From ACORN Claims Jerry Brown Will Whitewash Investigation 11.10.09
ACORN & SEIU Ties to The Apollo Alliance, which crafted the Stimulus Bill, The Healthcare Bill and the Cap and Trade Energy Bill 11.08.09
ACORN Noose Tightens on White House and Obama 11.07.09
Data Seized From 100 ACORN Computers. More on The Raid. 11.06.09
Obama Nominates ACORN Activist to Appeals Court 11.05.09
Citigroup Executive Pulls Out of Sham ACORN Audit 11.05.09
ACORN Still Eligible for Donations Through Government's Combined Federal Campaign 10.28.09
Commies on the Move: Maxine Waters and Dems Vote To Give ACORN Regulatory Authority Over Financial Institutions 10.23.09
Pentagon Issues Orders to Cut Off ACORN Funding, Even Though No Pentagon Funding Exists 10.23.09
Big Foundations Cut ACORN Funding 10.21.09
Ben Bernake Asked About ACORN 10.18.09
Confessions of an ACORN Whistleblower 10.16.09
ACORN Voter Fraud in Philadelphia 10.15.09
$1 Million sent to ACORN instead of Firefighters 10.07.08
McCarthyism 10.06.09
Obama and ACORN: A History of Radicalism 10.05.09
The Truth About ACORN (Fox News Report) A, B, C, D, E, F 10.02.09
Massive Voter Fraud in NY Linked to ACORN 09.29.09
Government Still Funding ACORN - Sign Petitions to Halt ACORN Funding: 1, #2, #3 09.25.09
Catholic Church Cuts Off ACORN Funding 09.22.09
Government-Funded and ACORN 09.18.09
Congress Votes to Cut Off ACORN Funding 09.18.09
International Communist Crime Ring ACORN Being Investigated
ACORN and International Smuggling of Illegal Children for Prostitution 09.16.09
Teachers Unions Contributed Over $1.3 Million to ACORN 09.12.09
US Census Bureau Dumps ACORN 09.12.09
ACORN and Prostitution 09.10.09
Philadelphia ACORN Prostitution Video 09.10.09
Obama Law Firm Got Millions for ACORN 08.26.08
Louisiana ACORN Investigation 08.06.09
ACORN 8 05.08.09
ACORN Voter Fraud in NV 05.06.09
New York Times Killed Stories of Obama’s Links to Vote Fraud/ACORN During Campaign 04.01.09
Obama, New Party and ACORN 10.27.08
Joe Biden of Obama and ACORN 10.25.08
ACORN's 13-page Plan for Influencing Elections 10.18.08
ACORN Voter Fraud 10.16.08
Obama, ACORN and SEIU were All Members of the Communist New Party
Obama, ACORN and SEIU were All Members of the Communist "New Party"
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressiveObama = SEIU = Crime
CAUGHT ON TAPE: SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan to Crash the Stock Market and Redistribute America's Wealth

Here's the Tape
Obama's Life Long Friend, SEIU is Completely Dominated by Socialists 03.23.11
Part 2 of the Bertha Lewis (ACORN) Video: The Socialist Rallying Cry for Immigration Reform. Talk About Racist Socialist! 04.22.10
ACORN's Socialist Bertha Lewis Calls the Tea Party a Bowel Movement 04.21.10
ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis: Praises Socialism, Bashes Conservatives at Socialist Youth Conference. You Must Watch The Video 04.21.10
OBAMA & ACORN 10.06.09
Congressional Report
Documented Voter Fraud Crimes: Rotten ACORN
Democratic Socialist of America. Shows Obama, ACORN and SEIU Were Part of New Party. 09.05
How Obama, Chicago New Party, ACORN and SEIU are All Tied Together 10.20.08
Example Socialist-Communist SEIU Leader, Eliseo Medina: 1, 2, 3, 4
Obama the "ACORN Leadership Trainer" and the "Senator from ACORN" 10.29.08
Obama Says ACORN will Shape His Presidential Agenda 12.01.07


Obama Sticks Finger in the Eye of Every Taxpayer by Serving ACORN Cookies at Annual Christmas Party, Arrogantly Reminding All of ACORN's Voter Fraud and Taxpayer Money Theft.

Obama and ACORN 10.10.08
Obama, ACORN and Voter Fraud 10.05.08
ACORN in the White House 09.28.09
Obama Appoints SEIU Ally of ACORN 10.15.09

ACORN and SEIU Founders, Wade and Dale Rathke Embezzled $5 Million

Corrupt US Attorney General, Eric Holder at ACORN Rally

Here's How SEIU Operates - Video of SEIU Threatening Voters, Opening Their Mail, and Signing Their Ballots 11.20.09
The Census - ACORN and SEIU 09.29.09
ACORN Too Toxic for SEIU 10.21.09
ACORN and SEIU in Same Building 10.07.09
Obama Speech to SEIU Admitting He Worked for Them 08.15.09
SEIU, One of the Pillars of the ACORN Family 09.16.09
SEIU Thugs Attack 08.07.09
State Worker Beat Up By SEIU Thugs 11.06.09
SEIU vs. The Boy Scouts 11.15.09
SEIU Leader Resigns After Taking on The Boy Scouts 11.25.09
Corrupt SEIU Union and Michigan Government Day-Care Scheme 11.24.09

ACORN and SEIU Founders, Wade and Dale Rathke Embezzled $5 Million

SEIU's Andy Stern,

The Most Frequent Visitor to The White House

Is a Communist
FBI, Labor Department Probe SEIU's Andy Stern 10.07.10
Andy Stern Leaves SEIU $85 Million in Debt to Go Work on Obama’s “Deficit Commission” 04.23.10
Communist and Most Frequent Visitor to the White House, Andy Stern Spills the Communist, One World Government Beans 03.03.10
Obama's Communist Appointee and Most Frequent White House Visitor, Andy Stern: Proposes Wealth Redistribution and Global Government 03.01.10
Communist and Most Frequent Visitor to the White House, Andy Stern: The Real Reason for His Appointment to the Debt Panel 02.28.10
SEIU President and Socialist, Andrew Stern's Links to the Communist Party 07.14.04
Video of the #1 Visitor to the White House is a Communist, SEIU President, Andrew Stern ("Workers of the World Unite" is a long-time Russian Communist Slogan) 11.02.09
Probe of Stern, an Unregistered Lobbyist 11.16.09
SEIU Alliance with "Worker's United", Another Socialist Worker's Union. 03.03.10
Glenn Beck ABSOLUTELY NAILS SEIU's ANDY STERN Part 1, 2, 3 (Part 3 is the Must See) 03.03.10
SEIU and Healthcare
SEIU is Driving Healthcare Reform: Part 1, 2, 3, 4 11.16.09
More on SEIU and Healthcare

AARP CEO (Addison Barry Rand) Served on Same "America's Agenda" Commission in 1987 as SEIU's John Sweeney. Click the back arrow twice to see that the commission's focus was "transformation of our economic, social, and political institutions." John Sweeney is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America 07.19.09
New AARP Chief Gives Big to Obama and SEIU 03.12.09
AARP Tie to SEIU in the "Divided We Fail" Obama front organization? 09.14.09
AARP CEO's Conflict of Interest 07.19.09

American Medical Association and SEIU
Articles 1, 2, 3, 4 10.17.08

ACORN and SEIU Founders, Wade and Dale Rathke Embezzled $5 Million

ACORN and SEIU Founders, Wade and Dale Rathke

$5 Million Embezzlement
$5 Million Embezzlement 10.06.09
$5 Million Embezzlement Details 10.14.09
ACORN, Rathke, Obama, Cloward-Piven 05.28.09
Background on Rathke
More Background on Rathke 10.17.08
Rathke Wants to Overthrow Capitalism 07.30.09
Getting Everyone on Welfare 07.16.09
Rathke Got His Start With a Riot 10.25.09
Rathke Wanted RNC Bombing 09.13.09
Socialist alongside Communist Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Crooked, Socialist ACORN Leader Wade Rathke Says: Illegal Aliens Will Replace "Old White Men"

Wade Rathke and Bill Ayers
Rathke and Ayers Were Both Members of SDS 10.17.08
The "Tree of Revolution" Parts 1 & 2 09.18.09


Like Yuri said: 'It's not James Bond... It's all right out there in the open."

Wake Up, America! Commies are Running Our Country and It's Time to Get Rid of Them Now!

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